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Core Skill A

Flexo Industry Overview Part 2

What is the revenue generated in 200 for the North America Packaging Industry $108 Billion
What was the estimated growth in 2001 for the flexo market share in the printing industry as a whole? 6%
What was the flexo market share for the packaging industry only? 72-73%
In Flexography we know that there are four main press configurations, serving the wide-web segment of flexographic industry there are presses available in three configurations, what are they? Stack, Central Impression, In-Line
Of these three press configurations you identified, how are the print stations configured for each one? Stack - Print stations on top of each other, equipped with own impression cylinder Inline - Print stations in a row and with their own impression cylinder Central Impression - Print stations on top of each other and share a common impression cylinder
Narrow Web presses most commonly have a web width of less than 20 inches. Narrow web flexography is also characterized as rotary process with multiple inline converting functions. What are some of those functions. Variable print or repeat length, die-cutting, slitting and laminating.
With corrugated printing, what is pre-printing and post-printing. Pre printing is when the top liner is previously printed on a wide web press, sometimes using a different print process. Post printing is when the already made corrugated board is printed. This is the only sheetfed flexo process.
Why would a customer want to pre-print a product vs a post-print product? Quality
What is another name for the corrugated industry? The "brown box" industry
In flexography what are the four main press configurations serving the narrow web segment? CI, Stack, Inline, and Platform
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