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ICT2 - PhotoShop

Unit 7 - PhotoShop Toolbar

Rectangular Marquee Allows the user to select rectangular shaped areas within an image. The areas can then be copied or cut and then pasted into new layers.
Move tool Used to move selected layers around. Clicking and holding the mouse button can adjust the positions of layer elements.
Lasso Tool Used to select parts of a layer for editing
Magic Wand Used to select portions of an image based on color. Sections of the same color are selected when the wand it touched on the desired color.
Crop Tool An important tool for making adjustments to the overall size of an image. Using this tool affects the size of the whole image, not just a single layer. This is a powerful tool and must be used carefully.
Healing Tool Used to remove dust marks and scratches from photographs. The Patch tool is found at the same position on the Tool Bar, but is used to repair areas of a photograph that are larger than the typical scratch.
Clone Tool Used to copy portions of a layer from one area to another. It is similar to the Rubber Stamp tool.
Paint Bucket Used to "pour" areas of color onto a layer. It is especially useful when used with a marquee. The Gradient tool is found in the same location.
Eraser Used to remove portions of a layer. Its size can be adjusted so that it can be used very delicately or quite grossly.
Blur Tool Used to selectively blur areas of a layer. The amount of blur can be controlled. It is especially handy when blending colors or objects.
Text Tool "Used to add to an image and to edit existing text. Size, color, and other attributes of the text can be specified and adjusted.
Eye Dropper Lets you sample color or type attributes from objects and apply them to other objects
Zoom Tool A very handy tool used to quickly zoom in or out of an image.
Hand Tool moves the page view within the document window.
Dodge Tool lightens areas in an image.
Created by: pbaucum