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Software Engineer II

_____ Objects represent the interactions between the actors and the system Boundary
______Objects are in charge of realizing use cases. Control
______ Objects represent the persistent information tracked by the system. Entity
According to Abbott's Heuristics, which part of speech represents an instance of a class? Proper Noun
A (n) _____ shows a relationship between two or more classes. Association
What is the benefit of separating interface from basic functionality?
Please choose one or more of the following diagrams that depict the dynamic model. State Machines, Sequence
In object-oriented analysis, developers build a model describing the ____ domain. application
During optimization when should the consideration for collapsing objects be performed? At the beginning of implementation
_______ improves the compliance of the object design model with a design goal. Model transformation
A transformation aims at improving one aspect of the model while preserving all of its other properties. What portions are usually improved? It removes the redundancy
What portion of the system should not change when applying refactoring? behavior
One-to-one and one-to-many associations are implemented as a so-called buried association which requires the use of a primary key False
During the optimization of access paths when an attribute's only involvement in a class is with a get() and set() that attribute should be deleted ompletely. False
Describe what reverse engineering produces.
Identifying which transformation to apply to which set of classes requires_____. judgement and experience.
A(n) ___ may add, remove, or rename classes, operations, associations, or attributes. Transformation
The code produced during forward engineering is always the same except ____. names of attributes and methods
In mapping associations of the one-to-many type the class on the "one" side of the association has one reference to the class on the "many" side of the association. False
______ tries to discover the design behind the source code. Reverse engineering
Class A has a unidirectional one-to-one association with Class B. To create this association in code a field of type Class B is created in Class A True
When using the optimization "Caching the result of expensive computations" what is the trade off for optimization? Consumes more memory space
Which storage type requires no transformation for an object-oriented program? object-oriented databases
_____ improves the readability or the modifiable of the source code. Refactoring
A model that corresponds to source code. It is used when the design of the system has been lost and must be recovered from the source code.
___ improves the consistency of the source code with respect to the object design model. Foward engineering
Pilot tests are used when no explicit guidelines or test scenarios are given by the user. True
is used when unit testing is complete and two or more units are integrated together. True
What is a disadvantage of top-down integration testing? It requires the development of test stubs which is time-consuming and prone to error.
The goal of ___ is to maximize the number of discovered faults, which then allows developers to correct them and increase the reliability of the system. Testing
Which unit testing technique would be best used to test the following scenario: Whether the calculation of a person's age based on their birthday is accurate and ensure that incorrect birthdates such as 00/00/0000 are not valid. Boundary Testing
What are the activities in system testing?
Explain why programming beginners are not the best choice for the role of tester.
When using unit testing, all objects developed during the development process are required to be tested. False
An inspection is similar to a walkthrough but the presentation is more informal. False
A(n) ___ is a deviation between the specification and the actual behavior. Failure
Usability testing is performed by ______. the end user.
What information does the oracle attribute provide in a test case? Expected test results
What issue arrives in testing with polymorphism? Creates more test cases.
A(n)________ _______ is a partial implementation of a component that depends on the test component. Test driver
What are the downsides to a Component Inspection?
Whitebox testing would be used when testing whether a calculator program's add function provides the correct result. False
Integration testings is used when unit testing is complete and two or more units are integrated together. True
Actors are always related to a human user. False
Redundancies among use cases can be factored out using _____ relationships. Include or Includes
The following is a functional requirement: App Software will be deployed on Android or Apple markets. False
A use case is initiated by _____. An actor
Actors should be named with a _____ phrase. noun
Use cases should be named with a ______ phrase. verb
Once developers have identified and described actors and scenarios, they formalize scenarios into _______. Use cases
The following is a nonfunctional requirement: Updated will require administration login. True
Use include relationship for behavior that is shared across two or more use cases. True
The ______ stereotype denotes the intiation of the use case by an actor, and the _____ stereotype denotes that an actor communicates with the use case. initiate and <>, participate and <>
Created by: haddockmelissa