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Lesson 9 vocabulary

Binary File A file containing data or instructions written in zeros and ones (computer language).
Client An individual computer connected to a network. Also, a system or application (such as a Web browser or user agent) that requests a service from another computer (the server) and is used to access files or documents.
Common Gateway Interface A program that processes data submitted by the user. Allows a Web server to pass control to a software application, based on user request. The application receives and organizes data, then returns it in a consistent format.
Emoticon A combination of characters that, when read sideways, help convey emotion in an e-mail message.
End-User License Agreement A legal contract between the author of software and the end user that defines how the software can be used.
List Server A server that collects and distributes information from an authorized group of participants, called a listserve group.
Listserve Group Users who subscribe to an e-mailing list through a list server.
Open Source A peer-based development process describing organizations and products that provide free source code to the development community at large with the goal of developing better products; includes Apache Web server and Linux.
Open-Source License A "copyleft" license that remove restrictions on the use and distribution of the licensed product.
P2P A peer-to-peer network on the Internet.
Patent A set of exclusive rights granted to an inventor for a fixed period of time upon disclosure of the invention.
Peer-To-Peer Network A network in which each computer has both server and client capabilities.
Program Management The process of managing multiple interdependent projects to improve the performance of an organization.
Proprietary Software Software that is the legal property of an entity.
Rich Text Format Portable text file format created by Microsoft that allows image insertion and text formatting; an almost universal format.
Secure Copy A program used with Secure Shell (SSH) to transfer files between systems.
Snail Mail Slang term for the standard postal service.
Spam Unsolicited and unwanted e-mail messages; the equivalent of junk mail.
SHH File Transfer Protocol A file transfer protocol that allows the encryption of transmissions using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.
SSL/TLS-enabled FTP FTP that runs on an SSL/TLS-secured connection.
Virtual Network Computing A program that allows you to control a computer at a remote location.
Created by: IE21c