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CBA PowerPoint Unit

PowerPoint Unit Test Review

____________ include the author name, document title, subject, keywords, category, and status. Document Properties
You can reorder slides by dragging the thumbnail in the ______ and outline tab Slides
When a sound is on a slide, you will see the sound icon on the Slide
In Slide Show view, each slide fills the ____ screen entire
If you want the individual objects in a group to animate separately, you have to __ them ungroup
_____ is text, objects, graphics, or pictures that have motion Animation
_____ allows you to work with several items as if they were one object Grouping
Which view gives you an overview of all the slides in a presentation? Slide Sorter
In Normal view, PowerPoint places the new slide___ the selected slide, using the same layout after
To change a font throughout your presentation to another font, on the Home tab on the Ribbon, click the Replace list arrow, and then click ____ to replace fonts dialog box replace fonts
If you drag and select text, then move the mouse back over the selected text, the ____ appears mini toolbar
To rehearse timing for a presentation, in the Slide Show tab in the Set Up group, click the ____ button Rehearse Timings
Changing the _____ affects the appearance of all the slides in a presentation associated with that master slide or master layout. slide master
When using overheads or running a presentation, make the text size at least ____ points so it can be easily read 24
The shapes button is also available by means of the shapes and drawing tools on the Home tab in the ___ group Drawing
To include a table on a slide, you can use the Content slide layout and click the _____ icon to open the Insert Table dialog box. Insert Table
The _____ is how objects are placed on a slidw slide layout
If a content placeholder appears on a slide, you can choose from _____ table, movie, and clip art
The chart gives a _____ representation of numeric data visual
The _____ slide introduces your presentation to your audience. title
You can view a presentation four different ways that does NOT include ____. Handout
You can use the Format Painter button to copy text ____. font, size, and color
The intersection of each column and row is a ____. cell
Unless you have a particular reason for creating a presentation from a blank document, it is easier and less time consuming to use a ______ already containing placeholders. template
To bring an object forward or send it backward, select the object you want to move, and click the Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, or Send Backward command in the ____ group on the Drawing Tools Format tab. Arrange
_____ refers to the way each new slide appears on the screen. Transition
Objects are _____. text, graphics and illustrations, and tables and charts.
A ______ is the easiest kind of document to import because it is formatted with styles. Word outline
The ______, at the top of the window, identifies the window as a PowerPoint window and lists the name of the open presentation. Title Bar
If all the text in each column in a table doesn't fit in the cell, you can double-click ____ to widen the entire column so all text in any cell in that column fits on one line. the column border
To animate a SmartArt graphic, click the Animations tab on the ______, click the Custom Animation button, and then in the Custom Animation task pane, click the Add Effect button. Ribbon
Automatic spell checking identifies misspellings and words that are not in PowerPoint's dictionary by underlining them with a ____ immediately after you type them. wavy red line
The area _____ of the status bar shows which slide is displayed in the Slide pane and the total number of slides in the presentation. on the left side
An example of a shape effect is_____ Glow, Soft Edges, and Bevel
You can wrap text or change the alignment of text in a shape by working in the _____ dialog box. Format Shape
There is a slide master and associated _____ for each theme in the presentation. layout masters
A _____ show is a way to limit the slides in any slide show for a particular audience. custom
When you hover over a theme, the name of the theme appears, and the selected slide will show a ____ of the effect of the theme on the slide. Live Preview
When you want to open an existing presentation that you have recently viewed, you can choose the presentation from the ____ list. Recent Documents
The Header and Footer dialog box has two tabs, one for slides and one for _______. notes and handouts
The Slide pane shows ____ at a time. one slide
With a _______, if you update the source file, the data in the destination file is also updated. linked object
______ a presentation to a Web server gives others access to your presentation through a Web browser. Publishing
When you select text in a placeholder, the border of the placeholder is a _____. dashed line
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