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Lesson 10 Vocabulary

Ericka Appana

Project Management The practice of applying skills and processes to activities in order to meet deadlines and achieve desired results.
Project A sequence of tasks that must be accomplished within a certain time frame to achieve a desired result.
Task A unit of work that must be accomplished during the course of a project.
Resource A person, department, or device needed to accomplish a task.
Assignment The appointment of a specific resource to a specific task.
Scope Creep Gradual increases in project scope that can undermine the success of a project.
Stakeholder A person or group with an interest in a project, and with the power to exert influence (either positive or negative) over the project and affect results.
Needs Analysis Determining a customer's needs by acquiring information, processing and evaluating the information, then creating a plan of action to address the needs.
Assumption A factor that is considered to be real or certain for planning purposes.
Constraint A factor, such as budget or time, that limits a project manager's options.
Statement of Work A contract to initiate a project; the contract contains project goals and specifies how those goals will be met.
Project Schedule A document that lists the planned dates for performing tasks and meeting goals defined in a project plan.
Milestone The end of a stage that marks the completion of a task or series of related tasks, resulting in a key deliverable.
Change Management The process, tools and techniques that help people implement changes to achieve a desired outcome.
Gantt Chart A horizontal bar chart that graphically displays project tasks and duration.
Intranet An internal or in-house Web site used only by employees within a company.
Extranet An internal network designed to provide access to selected external users; is not available to the Internet public.
Webinar Online training or conference sessions that utilize Internet technology to provide interactive and presentation elements to users.
Webcast Audio/Video Web events that are distributed over the Internet.
Return on investment Profit earned as a result of a project relative to the value of resources required to complete it.
Program management The process of managing multiple interdependent projects to improve the performance of an organization.
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