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Design History 14

Plakastil Design school in germany. Means poster style.
Lucian Bernhard Came back from the Glaspast Exibition and repainted some 19th century decor while his father was away. He worked by reducing a complicated image to a simple one. Poster movement
Hans Rudi Erdt Erdt could imitate Bernhard well. flat color, product name, single image.
Ludwig Holwein Leading Plakistil designer. Hired into Jugend magazine. Art was on social change. Nazi posters.
Beggarstaffs Brothers. James Pryde and William Nicholson. Got their name from corn. Flat planes but detailed edges. FINANCIAL DISASTER. Nicholson developed a wood blocking technique. Influenced Holwein.
Edward mcknight kauffer incorporated cubism along with Cassandre. Younger guy who studied art and moved to europe. Displays art deco/cubism attributes.
Cassandre Bold, simple designs. Planes of color (the orange guy chopping wood). Exaggerated to add meaning. Contour lines (guy drinking wine)
Art Deco Cubism. France after WWI. Bold shapes, rich colors. Chrysler building was inspired by art deco
Created by: Chelseagirl2508
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