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Intro to Computers

Computers are... information processing machines
ALL of the components of your computer hardware
Manipulation of data by a microprocessor processing
Memory found inside the computer that is used when you start up a program RAM
Hardware that allows information to be stored storage device
Wires run from here to each item--flat electrical board motherboard
Group of computers all linked together network
If you connect to the internet, you must have this modem
A three or four letter code that identifies the program that was used extension
Things we use to enter information into our computer input device
A program or instructions that runs the computer, tells it what to do software
Special high speed memory reserved for the microprocessors use cache
Results produced by a computer output
The brains of the computer CPU
To transfer files or data from one computer to another...receive (get the information) download
How fast the computer performs tasks hertz
Memory found inside your computer that stores the set of instructions the computer uses when you turn it on ROM
Where your files are stored hard drive
A single user computer desktop
A portable computer...uses batteries for mobile use and AC power for charging and desktop use laptop
A computer system in a network that is shared by multiple users server
General purpose computer contained in a single panel. Uses a touch screen as the input device tablet
Fastest computer available supercomputer
Electronic devices that are worn on the body or clothes wearable
Includes tools for entering, editing, & formatting text Word Processing
Allows you to display & project information before a group Presentation
Used to analyze numbers Spreadsheet
Used to create newsletters, flyers, & brochures Desktop Publishing
Allows you to create illustrations, diagrams, graphs, & charts. Also used to create, edit, and manipulate images Graphics
Created by: aware