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Word Roots 19 and 20


an not,without
cardio heart
ech(o) sound
gram write,written
lal talk,babble
locat place
ia condition
ic like,related to
ion an action or process;state,quality,act
echolocation a means of locating an object
echocardiogarm a noninvasive technique that uses ultrasound to record the functioning of the heart
echoic formed in imitation of some natural sound
echolalia involuntary parrot-like repetition of a word or phrase just spoken by another ;echoing
anechoic free from echoes and reverberations
anthrop mankind,man
eo dawn,early
lith/lith(o) stone
paleo ancient,old
spher(e) ball
cene new,recent
us thing,which
y state of,quality,act; body,group
graph write,written
lithosphere the outer part of the solid earth composed of rock
Paleolithic related to the early stone age
Eoanthropus a genus of early man(comprising only the Piltdown man); dawn man
eolith a very only and crude stone tool
lithography the process or method of printing from a metal or stone surface
Eocene relating to the second epoch of the Tertiary period
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