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EVERYONE LIKES PIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of Aunt Polly's cat? Lardo
What does Alice give Lardo when she can't find any sardines? Clam chowder
What is Alice's favorite pie? Peach pie
What is Alice's dad allergic to? cats
What pie does Alice's mom attempt to bake? Chocolate cream pie
Alice had one slice of pie left in her fridge. What kind of pie was it? Lemon chiffon pie
What year did PIE open? 1941
When was Alice born? 1945
What 4 things were on Mrs. Gurke's shopping list? Band-aids, vegetable shortening, sand, and a dozen cans of sardines.
What is Aunt Polly's favorite type of pattern or print? Leopard print
What is Alice's dad's favorite pie? Chocolate cream pie
What is Aunt Polly good at that isn't making pies? using a hammer
How many times does Aunt Polly prick the bottom of pies with a fork? 5 times
Where is PIE located, streets, city, & state? At the corner of Windham and Maine in Ipswitch, Pennsylvania.
What color was the stool that Aunt Polly used to sit on? Red
What time was Alice supposed to give Lardo to the pound? 10:00 a.m.
Why does Alice's mom bake a pie? To win the blueberry medal.
What snack does Alice make when her mom was making a pie? Toasted raisin bread
How does Lardo "escape" and how does Alice know he escaped this way? She thinks he escapes through the window, and Alice knows because she finds a paw print.
What is the name of Look magazine's reporter? Sylvia DeSoto a.k.a. Jane Quizenbery
Where does Alice think Lardo went to after his escape? PIE
Why was Charlie in the pie shop? To catch the burglar.
What is Charlie's favorite pie flavor? Key lime pie.
What show did Alice and Charlie love to watch? Sky King.
What is the name of Sky King's plane? Songbird.
what kind of pie did Charlie's mom try to make? Gooseberry pie.
What is Aunt Polly's rule about eating pie? A little pie never hurts anyone.
What is Alice's mom's rule about eating pie? No pie after lunch.
What is Charlie bad at in school? Reading, writing, and especially spelling
What noises did Alice hear at night when Lardo was stolen? thumps, a scratch, and definitely a clink
What made the clinking noise when Lardo was stolen? A gold hoop earring
What did Alice's mom use for curing headaches? Aspirin
What does Charlie do so he doesn't miss his grandma? He opens her old perfume bottle and smells it
What did Aunt Polly tell Alice about changing that was a quote from Henry David Thoreau? Things do not change; we do
What 3 things did Alice change about herself? Her imagination not to run off, no hunches. and no little songs
Who got rid of Alice's mom's pie? Sylvia DeSoto
What is Mr. Needleman's first name? Henry
Can Alice whistle? Yes
Can Charlie whistle? No
What low fat pie did Aunt Polly make? Buttermilk pie
How did Aunt Polly's neighbors and friends pay her? By putting ingredients on her doorstep
What day of the week did Alice visit Aunt Polly? Saturday
What was the population of Ipswitch in 1955 162
What is the only thing Alice said that her father cared about? reading the newspaper
What color and kind of car was the mysterious car? A green Chevrolet
What was the name of Ipswitch's newspaper? The Ipsy News
What is Mrs. Gurke's pet peeve? tardiness
What did Alice stare at at the funeral? Charlie's dirty fingernails
What strange thing did Mrs. Gurke do at the funeral? Slip her hand in and out of Aunt Polly's casket
What was Alice's idea of going fishing? Using a fork to remove the lemon seeds from the lemon juice
What did Polly always wear on a chain around her neck? A brass key to the pie shop
Who did Polly say had the voice of an angel? Her sister Ruth, Alice's mom
What kind of pie did Alice mention in her first song that Polly had never heard of? Prune pie
What kind of sandwich did Polly and Alice like? Cream cheese and olives
What month and day of the week and year did Polly die? On a Friday night in July 1955
Alice had a feeling something was not quite right when she looked at her Aunt in the casket. What did she later realize it was? The brass key was missing from her neck
Who did Polly leave the pie shop to? Reverend Flowers
What was Alice's dad George's job before Polly died? He sold souvenirs next to the pie shop
What was Alice's dad's job before PIE opened? He worked for Hoover Company selling vacuum cleaners.
What was the slogan at the souvenir shop? Hey Polly what's your secret
Where was the business man from that wanted to mass produce Polly's pies? Hong Kong
What's the award called that is given every year for the most distinguished contribution to American pie making? The Blueberry Award
What year was the Blueberry Award started? 1922
On what day of the week and month was the Blueberry Award announce? The first Monday in September
What was the date that Polly won her first Blueberry Award? Sept 7th, 1942
Who entered Polly in her first Blueberry Award contest? Harriet Melcher
What kind of pie did Harriet enter of Polly's the first time Polly won the Blueberry Award? coconut cream pie
What did Polly order for herself to wear to the Blueberry Award ceremony in Philadelphia? a leopard print from Sears
What's the name of the conference Polly attended each year to accept the Blueberry Award? American Pie Makers Association, APA Conference
What acceptance speech did Polly give every year? Thank You Very Much
How many Blueberry Awards did Polly win? thirteen in a row
Who was the pretty character that Alice said she might look like if she grew her hair out longer? Penny
What kind of cookies did Alice and Charlie eat after their pb&j sandwiches? Nabisco's Chiparoons
What did Alice find under the radiator in her room? a gold hoop earring
What did Alice and Charlie take from the PIE shop? The 13 Blueberry Medals
Who is the author of PIE? Sarah Weeks
What had Alice told Polly that she wanted to be when she grew up? a squirrel
What was the name of the grocery store that Charlie went to to get Miss Gurke's groceries? A & P
Why did Charlie throw Alice over the fence at Miss Gurke's house? a horsefly stung him on the back of his neck
What was Miss Gurke wearing in her backyard? a bright red skintight outfit
What was Miss Gurke hiding under her loose clothes? giant muscles
What did Charlie do when he saw Miss Gurke's muscles? he fainted
What did Alice say Charlie said Miss Gurke looked like? Miss America
What was Miss Gurke doing in her backyard? punching a punching bag
What does Miss Gurke want to be? America's first muscle woman
How did Miss Gurke use each of the four items on her grocery list? Bandaids for her knuckles, Sand for her punching bag, Vegetable Shortening for tanning, Sardines for protein
Why had Miss Gurke reached into Polly's casket? to get her diamond ring that had fallen off of her finger
What kept happening to Alice's bike that Charlie fixed? her chain kept coming off
What was wrong with Lardo when Dick Kaperfew found him at the Ipsy Inn? he had eaten sleeping powder
What did Alice suggest that she and her mom do so that they looked like Nora Needleman and her mom? buy matching hats
Where was the Ipsy Inn located? on top of a hill overlooking Ipswitch
What did the Ipsy Inn look like? White building with black shutters and a red door
What did Alice see Sylvia DeSoto do at the Ipsy Inn? drop her mom's chocolate cream pie out the window
Where did Sylvia DeSoto go after leaving the Ipsy Inn? to the Needleman's house
What did Alice find in Sylvia De Soto's green Cheverolet? a gold hoop earring in the glove box, a black hat and veil, and a piece of luggage that had the initials JQ
What was Sylvia DeSoto's real name? Jane Quizenberry
What was Charlie wearing on his feet when he climbed through Alice's window? Alice's dad's black wing tipped shoes
What signal did Charlie give to Alice to let her know someone was coming when she was in the car? He meowed like a cat
Who was Charlie warning her of? Nora jumping rope
What did Charlie keep shouting when he was at the Needleman's talking to Nora? "Polly Portman's Pie Crust Recipe"
What had Nora been doing when Charlie knocked on her door? painting her toenails pink
What did Charlie's mom fix for he and Alice for lunch? franks and beans
What did Pete Gillespie keep buying with hopes of winning the Blueberry Award and moving to Florida? sweet potatoes
What did Alice tell Pete Gillespie to do to make his sweet potato pie better? add maple syrup and pecans
What item did Alice tell Reverend Flowers to use to pit his cherries? a paper clip
Why had Jane Quizenberry given sleeping powder to Lardo? she thought Polly may have tattooed the recipe on Lardo's belly
Why was Jane Quizenberry called the Blueberry bridesmaid? because she was always the runner up to Polly
What did Charlie bring over to Alice a couple of days after they caught Jane Quizenberry to cheer her up? red haven peaches
What kind of peaches did Polly always use to make peach pie? Red Haven
What trick did Alice show Charlie to peel peaches? drop in hot water for 20 sec then cold water for 20 sec then pinch the skin off
What did Polly tell Alice was the most important ingredient that goes into a pie? Love
What two things did Mr Hammerschlact agree to do in exchange for Polly's pie crust recipe? Alice would write a jingle and her mom/Ruth would sing it
Who became the new mayor of Ipswitch? Melanie Needleman
What was Alice's father's expression when he was surprised? Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle



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