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RYT 200 Vocabulary

Required Sanskrit Vocabulary for YCHL RYT 200 program

anga limb
garbha womb
hasta hand
janu knee
karna ear
mukha face or mouth
pada foot or leg
sirsa head
adho downward
parvirtta revolved
parsva side
pascima back, behind, WEST
prasarita spread
purva front, EAST
sthiti stand
upavista seated
urdhva upward
utthita extended
viparita inverted
Brahman energy of creation
Ganesha elephant-headed son of Shiva, scribe of the Mahabharata, remover of obstacles
Hanuman monkey-deity servant of Rama, energy of service
Patanjali author of the yoga sutras
Krishna incarnation of Vishnu, main character of Gita
Shiva energy of destruction and transformation
Vishnu energy of preservation and maintenance
Vyasa author of the Mahabharata
Anjali-mudra prayer gesture, palms together, fingertips pointed upwards
Chin-mudra consciousness gesture, palms down, index fingertip and thumb tip touch
eka one
dvi two
Kriyas bodily cleansing techniques, meant to purify both the body and the mind.
Dhauti Stomach cleansing
Basti ayurvedic enema
Neti Nasal cleansing
Trataka concentrated gazing
Tratak concentrated gazing
Nauli abdominal churning
Kapalabhati Respiratory cleansing
Bhagavad Gita conversation between Krishna and Arjuna, "divine song"
Mahabharata epic story containing the Bhagavad Gita, "Great India"
Upanishads source of Vedanta philosophy
abhyasa practice
agni fire principle
ananda joyfulness
ashtanga eight limbs
atman soul, self
ayurveda science of longevity
baddha bound
bandha body lock
bhakti devotion
bhavana intention
chakra energy center
chandra moon
chikitsa treatment, therapy
cakra energy center
candra moon
cikitsa treatment, therapy
danda staff
deva male god
devi goddess
dhanur bow
dharma purpose or calling
dristi gaze point
drsti gaze point
guru teacher
guna attribute, quality
hatha sun and moon
ida left nadi
jnana knowledge
ghana knowledge
karma action, past as well
karuna compassion
kona angle
kriya cleansing
kundalini energy with moves up the body through sushumna
mala garland
mandala circle
mantra chant
moksha liberation
mudra gesture
mula root foundation
nadi energy channel
namaskara respectful greeting
namaste greeting, "I bow to the divine in you"
nidra deep dreamless sleep
nirvana liberation from existence, extinguishing
ojas strength of prana, subtle energy/immunals
padma lotus
pingala right nadi
prakrti one's genetic constitution
prana breath, energy
pranayama breath regulation
ama toxins
raja king
rajas guna of activity
santi peace, calm
shanti peace, calm
sarva all
sattva guna of light
surya sun
tamas guna of inertia
veda knowledge, scriptures
vinyasa flowing sequence
yoga union, yoke
samasthiti command to attention
ekam one
dve two
jalandhara bandha chin lock
mula bandha root lock
uddiyana bandha belly lock
ahimsa non-violence
satya truthfulness
asteya non-stealing
brahmacharya moderation
aparigraha non-hoarding
sauca purity
santosha contentment
tapas burning zeal
svadhyaya self-study
isvara-pranidhana devotion to a higher power
yamas moral restraints
niyamas moral observances
asanas postures
pratyahara turning inward
dharana concentration
dhyana meditation
samadhi bliss
sushumna main energy channel
1st chakra muladhara
2nd chakra svadhisthana
3rd chakra manipura
4th chakra anahata
5th chakra visuddha
6th chakra ajna
7th chakra sahasrara
Sirsasana headstand
sarvangasana shoulder stand
halasana plow pose
matsyasana fish pose
bhujangasana cobra pose
dhanurasana bow pose
shalabhasana locust pose
paschimottanasana seated forward fold
ardha matsyendrasana seated twist Half Lord of the Fishes pose
trikonasana triangle pose
kakasana crow pose
pada hasthasana standing forward fold
agni sara fire essence
ananda pranayama breath of joy
anuloma viloma alternate nostril breathing
bhastrika bellows breath
bhramari humming bee breath
dirga 3 part breath
kapalabhati pranayama breath of fire
nadi shodhana sun moon breath
pulling prana pulling energy
sithali cooling breath
sitkari facial countenance breath
ujjayi ocean breath
sutra a code of life, thread
balasana child's pose
virasana hero's pose
janu sirsasana seated head to knee pose
adho mukha svanasana downward facing dog
virabhadrasana warrior pose
savasana corpse pose
gomukasana cow's face pose
sukhasana easy seat pose
viparita karani legs up the wall pose
uttanasana forward fold
utkatasana chair pose
ardha uttanasana half forward fold
hanumanasana splits pose
malasana yoga squat or garland pose
apanasana wind releasing pose
ananda balasana happy baby pose
dandasana staff pose
tadasana mountain pose
urdhva mukha svanasana upward facing dog
karnapidasana Ear to knee pose
mayurasana peacock pose
purvottanasana upward facing plank pose
vrschikasana scorpion pose
vrksasana tree pose
utthita trikonasana extended triangle pose
parsvakonasana side-angle pose
ardha chandrasana half-moon pose
prasarita padottanasana wide-legged forward bend
navasana boat pose
parsvottanasana intense side stretch pose
baddha konasana bound cobbler's pose
krounchasana heron's pose
bakasana crane pose
tittibhasana firefly pose
marichyasana Pose of the Sage Marichi
chaturanga dandasana four-limbed staff pose
ustrasana camel pose
chakrasana wheel pose
kapotasana pigeon pose
padangusthasana big toe pose
tolasana scales pose
kurmasana tortoise pose
Bhekasana frog pose
padmasana lotus pose
Agnistambhasana fire log pose
Buddha the awakened one
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