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Name characteristics that make a good Leader? good communication skills Effective decison making Enthusiasic Knowledge of the activity Empathy to others Ability to motivate/inspire Good organisational skills
An effective leader depends on what 4 leaders? The leaders qualities The leadership that the leadership adopts The type of situation involved The followers qualities
What do you understand by the term Dynamic Interactional Process? Effective leaders should change their style of leadership Leaders have a preffered style Team members demand a certain stlye
What is a prescribed leader? A leader who is appointed by an external source
What is an Emergant leader? A leader who comes from within the group through possession of some skills
Name 3 leadership styles Autocratic Democratic Laissez-faire
Define Autocratic style of leadership A style that is usually win orientated, very structured and task orientated.
Define Democratic style of leaderhip A style that is athlete centered, cooperative and person orientated
Define Laissez-faire style of leadership The leader makes few decisions, provides little feedback and lets the group do as it wishes.
What is a Task-orientated leader A leader who concentrates on setting goals and completing the task as quickly as possible
What is a Person-orientated leader A leader who concentrates on developing interpersonal relations within the group
What is the differnce between Preffered behaviour, Required behaviour and actual behaviour? Preffered behaviour is demanded by the group members, Required behaviour is required by the sitauation and actual behaviour is the behaviour shown by the leader.
What did Chelladurai state about leadership Leadership can vary, depending on the characteristics of the athletes and the constraits of the situation. Leaders must be dynmaic and changeable in relation to the characteristics of the situation. There are various types of leadership behaviour.
Chelladurai says that athlete satisfaction and performance depends on what three types of leader behaviour? Required Preffered Actual
Name the 5 dimensions for leadership Training and instruction behviour Democratic Behaviour Autocratic Behaviour Social support behaviour Rewarding behaviour
Talk about training and instruaction behaviour A structured approach to training improves performance through emphasising hard training, providing technical instruction on skill development and coordinating the stratergies of team members.
Talk about Democratic Behaviour The involvement of the group in decision making about the groups goals, practice methods and tactics is emphasised
Talk about autocratic behaviour The leader emphasises their own authoritty by making the decisions and stressing their personal authority
Talk about social support behaviour The leader has concerns over the wellbeing of the group and emphasises the warm, welcoming atmosphere within the group. The leaders behaviour tends not to be dependant on the individuals performances
Talk about rewarding behaviour The leaser emphasises and reinforces good performances through positive feedabck and thus depends on individual performances
Outline characteristics of a favourable situation Leader respected by group Leader has good relationship with group Group is highly motivated Group has high ability Clear task/goals Good support network Good resources/facilities/equipment
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