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Small Steps: Polio


How many types of polio are there and how many did Peg have? three, she had all of them
What are the three types of polio? • Spinal polio • Respiratory polio • Bulbar polio
What are the two other names for "polio"? poliomyelitis (official medical name) and infantile paralysis
How old is Peg when she is diagnosed with polio? 12 years old, in seventh grade
Where does Peg live? Austin, Minnesota
In what month and year did Peg find out she had polio? September 1949
What was the name of the first hospital that Peg went to after she was diagnosed with polio? The Sheltering Arms Hospital in Minneapolis
Peg was moved to a hospital where there was an iron lung. What was the name of that hospital? University Hospital
After University Hospital, where does Peg go to do her long recovery? back to the Sheltering Arms Hospital in Minneapolis
Although it was against the rules, Peg's parents brought what for her to drink? a chocolate milkshake
Peg has an older brother. What is his name? Art
What college does Peg's older brother attend? Carleton College
What gift does Art send to Peg? a teddy bear
What happens to all of the cards and gifts Peg received while in isolation at University Hospital? they were burned, to avoid contamination
Was Peg's hospital bed burned? No, it was sterilized.
Who was Peg's roommate at University Hospital? Tommy
How old is Tommy? 8 years old
What did Tommy use to help him breathe? an iron lung
Did Peg use an iron lung? No, but she used an oxygen tent.
What did Peg like about Tommy's iron lung? It made a swoosh-swoosh sound and reminded her of the waves lapping on the shore of a lake
Who was Peg's favorite doctor at the University Hospital? Dr. Bevis
Dr. Bevis brought Peg a special surprise. What was it? he painted her toenails with bright red polish
What radio program did Peg and Tommy listen to together? The Lone Ranger
What was Tommy's nickname for Peg? kemo sabe (faithful friend)
What was Peg's nickname for Tommy? Tonto
Who invented the "hot packs" and stretching treatment? Sister Elizabeth Kenny
Did Peg enjoy the "hot packs"? What part of her body did she say was the most senstitive to them? No, the backs of her thighs
What was Peg's nickname for the muscle stretching part of the Kenny Treatments? Torture Time
After three weeks of paralysis (being paralyzed) what was the first part of Peg's body to move again? the fingers on her left hand when she went to scratch an itch
When Peg left University Hospital what did she give to Tommy? her radio
What are the names of Peg's roommates at the Sheltering Arms hospital? Alice; Dorothy; Renee; Shirley
How long had Peg's roommate Alice been at the Sheltering Arms when Peg arrived? 10 years
Why didn't Alice go home to her family when the Sheltering Arms doctors said she could go home? Her family couldn't care for her.
What was the name of Peg's Physical Therapist at the Sheltering Arms? Miss Ballard
What does Peg name her wheelchair? Silver
What present did Peg's parents bring for each of the girls? Alice: pink lipstick; Shirley: marshmallows; Dorothy: Peg's brother
What does Peg's mother do with most of Peg's childhood books and toys? donates them to the Sheltering Arms
Peg fell when she was trying to demonstrate what dance for Alice? the hula
What did Peg do in her wheelchair that made the nurses nervous? pop a wheelie
Why did some patients have a hard time getting stronger? They didn't get treatment soon enough when they first got polio.
Which of Peg's roommates had a beautiful singing voice? Alice
Does Peg's weekend overnight at home go as she expects? No, it is much harder to get along outside of the hospital than she thought. She isn't quite strong enough to do all of the things she needs to do.
What instrument does Peg try to play as part of her therapy at the Sheltering Arms? the accordion
Who else learns to play the accordion and what song does that person play? her dad plays the Beer Barrel Polka
How does Peg keep up with her classmates back home while she is at the Sheltering Arms? She goes to class at the Sheltering Arms. Her family brings schoolbooks home, and she keeps up on her lessons while in the hospital.
Are Peg's roommates jealous when Peg successfully walks with her walking sticks? No, they are happy for her.
What role did Peg play in the Christmas pageant at the Sheltering Arms? Mary
What is Alice's role in the Christmas pageant? She sings a solo, "Silent Night."
What happens to Peg's roommate Dorothy two days before she is to go home for Christmas? She gets pneumonia and can't go home.
How does Peg's visit home for Christmas go compared to her first weekend visit home? Much better. She can get around on her own.
What surprise awaits Peg in her bedroom when she goes home for Christmas? Her parents have redecorated her room. At first she is disappointed, but then she decides she likes the change.
What did Peg balance on her head to help her stand up straight? a book about birds
After she is able to walk for short distances without her walking sticks, Peg gets what news from Miss Ballard? Miss Ballard tells Peg she is ready to go home for good.
On the way back home, why do Peg and her mother stop at University Hospital? to show Dr. Bevis that she can walk on her own
What presents do Peg and her mom give to Dr. Bevis? a tie, and the gift of watching her walk again
How long had Peg been away from school when she goes back for the first time? seven months
Is Peg behind her classmates in school work when she returns? No, she might even be ahead of them.
What does Peg consider the best weapon for fighting polio? Determination (in other words, a decision followed by actions to not let polio get the best of her)
Who is the author of Small Steps? What is her maiden name? Peg Kehret, maiden name Schulze
What type of cells does the polio virus attack? nerve cells in the muscle
What was the first event that Peg missed at school? What time did it start? The Homecoming Parade at 4:00
Where did Peg first feel her muscle weakness? her left thigh was twitching
When Peg came home for lunch, what did she spill? a glass of milk
How many blocks did Peg walk to school? 12
What were Peg's early symptoms of polio? headache, sore throat, back ache, stiff neck, fever, fatigue (tired), and muscle spasms in her legs & toes
What temperature was Peg's fever for 8 days? 102
Who was Peg's doctor at home? Dr Wright
What test did Peg have at the local hospital that confirmed her polio diagnosis? a spinal tap
What magazine did Peg say showed pictures of polio patients? Life
What agency did Peg mention that raised funds for polio research? the March of Dimes
What did Peg help the 7th graders make for the parade? What place did they get? a float, 2nd place
Who did Peg live with at home? her mom, dad, brother (he's in college tho), grandpa, and dog
What was the most common type of polio and what does it paralyze? Spinal Polio paralyzes the arms and legs
What type of polio causes difficulty breathing? Respiratory Polio
How many days had passed from when Peg was diagnosed with polio until she was being transferred to University Hospital because she was having difficultly breathing? 3 days
What bit Peg when she was being put in the ambulance? Where? a mosquito bit her on the cheek
What's the least common type of polio and what does it affect? Bulbar Polio affects the ability to talk and swallow
What did Peg think being in an iron lung would be like? being in a coffin while still alive
What did she say the iron lung (respirator) looked like while it sat in her room? a gray octopus
What did Peg say her earliest childhood memory was? Swinging amidst purple lilacs
What were Peg's 2 favorite dolls? Raggedy Ann and Marilyn
What did Peg say looking through the oxygen tent was like? looking through a foggy windshield
What did one mean nurse refuse to do for Peg? turn her over
What type of drink was Peg not allowed to have when she was having difficulty? milk
What drink did Peg choke on and send through her nose? 7-up
After 8 days, what changed after Peg drank the milkshake? her temperature dropped
What was the book titled that Peg wanted to read but wasn't allowed to keep? Ann of Green Gables
What kind of jokes did Peg tell Dr Bevis? What was her favorite one? knock knock jokes; Wendy toenails are painted, de patient gets well
What days and times was The Lone Ranger on? M,W,F at 6:30pm
What did Peg call the therapist who gave her the Sister Kenny Treatments? Mrs Crab
How long and how often were the Torture Treatments? 1 1/2 hrs, 2 times/day
How tall was Peg at age 12? 5'8"
What were the only movies Peg had ever seen? Bambi & Snow White
What two things did Peg want to be when she grew up? A vet or a writer
In what month was Peg discharged from University Hospital and sent back to Sheltering Arms? mid-October
What did Dr Bevis give to Peg when she left? he pinned a yellow rose to her pj top
What room was Peg in at the Sheltering Arms the 2nd time? Room 202
What day of the week did Peg's parents always visit? Sunday
What did Peg's parents bring that the girls loved? potato chips
What was Peg's only 13th birthday wish? to walk again
What did the roommates do the Sunday after Peg's birthday party? watch a movie of themselves
What did Miss Ballard let Peg do instead of hot packs? take a hot bath
What did Jeanette (the occupational therapist) have Peg do with her feet? pick up marbles with her toes and move them over to her other foot
What did Peg stash under her bed? food her parents brought
Who came to visit Peg at Sheltering Arms besides her family? Dr Bevis
What did the girls like to do every night after it was lights out? sing
What were Peg's favorite foods that her mother fixed for her on her visit home? mac & cheese, green beans, waldorf salad, cream puffs
The term "sister" in the Australian military is the equivalent of what in the US Army? 1st lieutenant
Sister Kenny left Australia and moved where? Minneapolis, Minnesota
Before the Kenny Treatments how were polio patient's legs and arms kept straight? with splints & casts which caused the muscles to wither away
How many steps did Peg take the first day she used the walking sticks? 10 small steps
What did Peg say when she rode her wheelchair? Hi Yo Silver! Awaaaay!
Who played Joseph in the Christmas pageant? Kenny
How did Peg get down the aisle? with Kenny's help, she walked without her sticks
What book did Peg's mom donate to the Sheltering Arms Hospital that she missed the most? Donkey, Donkey
Who went home after Peg? Dorothy
Peg thought she sounded like what, just after she was paralyzed from the neck down? a bad tape recording of herself
What is the most serious form of polio? bulbar polio (If you have it, it prevents you from swallowing or talking.)
What is another name for a respirator? an iron lung
When Peg first gets sick, what time does she begin to vomit? midnight
What was Peg's last class before lunch at her school? chorus
What is it called when you are in the hospital and no one (except doctors and nurses) is allowed to see you? isolation
What are the names of the songs that Peg remembers her mother's family singing? "Sleep, Kentucky Babe" and "You Are My Sunshine"
How long did the oxygen tent stay in Peg's room after she stopped using it? one day
When the nurse packs up all of Peg's cards and gifts so that they can be burned, what does Peg's mother do? She takes the nurse's side; she agrees with the nurse.
What is the punch line to Peg's knock-knock joke for Dr. Bevis? Wendy toenails are painted, de patient gets well.



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