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gingerly cautiously
grope to search blindly
revenue income
vilify to speak evil
abet to assist
atrocity an appalling condition
caption an explanation or descrption
discern to detect or perceive
deploy to spread out or move into position of readiness
evolve to develop
exemplify to show by example
fastidious demanding
feasible capable of being accomplished
inventive creative
minimize to reduse to small amount
perspective a view
rebuke to criticizesharply
sporadic not happening often
voracious marked by a large appetite
advocate to argue for
attribute to consider as caused by something else
capacious spacious roomy
conservative favoring tradional views
forfeit to give up or surrender
humane markedby compassion or tenderness
inaugurate to begin
liberal favoring progress and reform over tradition
plausible believable
renown widespread fame
recourse the option of having some one for help
servile groveling or extremely submissive
tirade along violent speech
utimate last final or greatest
wage to carry on a battle or conflict
Created by: Richardwills
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