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transgressions 20,1 a violation of law or command
garments 21,1 an article of clothing
lashed 27,1 to move violently or suddenly
wisdom 27,8 knowledge gained through life experience
forbade(past tense of forbid)23,1 to hinder or prevent by command
vocation 25,3 a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation
furrows 45,2 long,narrow trenches in the ground made by a plow
pyre 50,3- a heap of combustible material
solidarity 47,2 unity or agreement of feeling or action
preference 22,4 setting another person or thing above
sieve 28,1 an instrument with a mesh or perforated bottom used to separate coarse and fine parts
transgressor 50,1 a person who disobeys the law; criminal
holier 51,1 more exalted or worthy of devotion or praise
unconquered 56,1 unbeaten,unvanquished, and undefeated
hastened 63,3 be quick to do something
lodestone 55,2 a piece of magnetite or other naturally magnetized material
moat 57,8 wide ditch filled with water surrounding a castle or town as a defense
tarried 55,1 to delay or be tardy
submission 57,1 obedience
conceive 59,1 to take into one's mind
transgression 61,4 breakng a law or command
abyss 60,1 a bottomless gulf or pit
scornful 55,1 full of open dislike and disrespect or derision often mixed with indignation
tarried 55,1 to stay in place when one should be moving
illustrious 68,3 well known,respected, and admired for past achievements
infamy 71,7 well known for a bad quality or deed
decreed 72,1 an authoritative order having a force of law
corruption 76,3 something that has been changed from its original form,fallen apart,decayed
solitude 76,3 the state or situation of being alone
harness 71,2 to bring under conditions for effective use(like harnessing a horse with straps to guide its path)
humblest 21,2 modest,not proud, or arrogant
torrent 75,4 a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence
ecstasy 84,1 rapturous delight
midst in the middle
reverence 93,2 honor or respect
covet 96,2 desire wrongly
serfdom 97,4 the state or condition of a slave
botched 97,2 spoiled by poor work
edict 94,2 a decree(order) issued by a sovereign(king or queen)or person of authority
sheer 81,1 marked by great and continuous steepness
broad 89,2 covering a large area
manuscripts 91,2 books or documents
virtue 97,2 behavior showing high moral standards
ego 105,2 a person's sense of self esteem or self importance
hearth 92,3 the floor of a fireplace
reverence 93,2 deep respect for someone or something
endeavoring 93,3 trying hard to achieve something
sanction 94,4 a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule
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