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7.00 Presentations

Trivial Little worth or importance
Persuasive Presentation To advertise or provoke action. A presentation given to convince or influence the listener
Narrative Presentation To broadcast messages, tell a story or entertain. A presentation that describes a sequence of events
Educational Presentation To train, present information, emphasize a key point or explain procedures. A presentation sharing clear information with the audience
Presentation Software Program used to create slide shows or multimedia presentations
Multimedia Using more than 1 medium to present data such as: text, graphics, animation, video, sound
Design Template The color scheme, font, font size, and layout of your presentation
Storyboard A collection of frames on a piece of paper
Slide An individual screen in a slide show, the basic unit of a presentation
Target Audience A specific group of people in which your message is intended
Transitions Control the flow of information. How slides move from previous or next
Animation Adds visual interest and emphasizes key parts. Makes text and pictures fly in, bounce, and zoom.
Source File File and information where an object is create
Destination File File that the linked or embedded object is inserted into
Object Any element that appears on a slide, such as clip art, text, drawings, charts, sounds, and video
Linked Object An object created and inserted into the presentation file
Embedded Object Contained in an original source file and inserted into a destination file
Scheme A polished sequence of evens that can be applied to several slides or the whole show
Hyperlink A link you click to display another webpage or document, can be formatted text, buttons, hotspots, graphics, pictures
Title slide Generally the first slide in a presentation, introduces the presentation
Slide Show A series of slides displayed in sequence, controlled manually or automatically
Looped Continuous play of a presentation
Group Delivery A supplement to a speaker-delivered presentation.
Rolling Script Presentation is usually stand-alone content. Presentation is played at moderate pace to allow for user participation
Self Serve May be delivered via website. Self-paced and often interactive
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