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Rummage Allusions 1

Stack #148807

(1079-1142) a French philisopher and scholastic theologian and a popular lecturer at St.Genevieve and Notre Dame. Abelard and Heloise
Son of David. An ambitious son who rebelled against David and was killed by Joab. Symbolizes the loss of a favorite but rebellious son. Absolom
River of woe or river of pain that flows through Hades. Acheron
Son of Peleus and Thetis. Leading Greek hero during Trojan war.Had a vulnerable heel. Achilles
A hunter in Greek legend who accidentally saw artemis in her bath. He was transformed into a stag and killed by his own hounds. Acteon
The surprisingly handsome youth loved by Aphrodite. Killed by a young boar, an anemone flower grew from his blood. Adonis
Son of Anchises and Aphrodite, a Trojan warrior who appears in Homer's Illiad. He is determind to escape from Troy and after many years of wandering and hardships, He lands in Italy where his descendant found Rome. His traints are piety and faithfulness t Aeneas
Vergil's epic poem. In latin hexameter verse and Twelve books. It recounts the adventures of Aeneas as he flees troy till his fight with Turnus (king of the Latins). Ascanius (his son) founds Alba Longa, and Romulus and Remus (his descendants) found Rome. Aeneid
The god of winds, and ruler of a floating Island. He extends hosopitality to Odysseus and his men on their long trip home. Aeolus
an instrument that makes music by the action of the winds on stretched strings Aeolian harp
Earliest of the three Greek writers of tragedies (525-456 BC) He had 90 plays of which only 7 survive. The Suppliants, The persians, Seven against thebes, Prometheus bound, and Orestia ( Agamemnon. The Libation bearers, and Eumenides. The Persians was abo Aeschylus
Traditionally the famous writer of fables, mainly about animals. Not actually written by him. He collected and compiled previous fables. "fox and the sour grapes" Aesop
Son of Atreus husband of Clytemnestra, fater of Orestes, Electra, Iphegenia, and brother to Menalaus. King of Mycenae. He was leader fo the forces against Troy. He had to sacrifice Iphigenia ant Aulis to Artemis for a fair wind to Troy. This angered Clyte Agamemnon
IKing of Isreal who married Jezebel and converted to Baal worship. He was later killed in battle. Melville's Captain in Moby Dick shares his name. A byword for wickedness. Ahab
Greek warrior in the Trojan War. Described as having Collossal strength. He lost a contes with Odyssyus for Achilles's armor and threw a tempertantrum and killed some sheep. Once he came to his senses he killed himself. Ajax
The hero of one of the Tales of Arabian Nights. He gets a magic lamp from a genie In the end he marries the Sultan's daughter and gets a contract with disney. Alladdin
Hero of the tale Ali Baba and the Forty Theives in Arabian nights. "Open Sesame" lets him into the cave of wonders Ali Baba
"Vanity of vvanites saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity ... and vexation of spirit" (Ecc 1:2) All is vanity
A mythical race of women warriors. They lived in Scythia north of the Black Sea. The customarily cut off their right breasts (ouch) in order to use a bow better.Achilles defeated Penthesilea (their leader) during to Trojan war. Theseus married another Que Amazons
The food of the Greek gods Ambrosia
A goddes of the sea, daughter of Nereus and Doris. Wife of Posidon and mother of Triton. A sea loving woman Amphitrite
In Acts 5;1-10, HE retained a portion of money kept from selling some land. He was struck dead for his sins. Refers to any liar or deciever Ananias
He emphasized rational inquiry in theology and espoused Aristotelian logic over Platonic theory. Abelard and Heloise
His fame comes form his tragic love affair with Heliose, neice of the Canon Fulbert of Notre Dame and his pupil. Abelard and Heloise
secretly married and had son, Astrolabe Abelard and Heloise
Became a nun and a monk Abelard and Heloise
Reference to immortal tragic lovers Abelard and Heloise
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