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2014 QuizBowl Qs

How many people were killed in 1979 at the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster? Zero (none)
What future president was the only U.S. senator from a Confederate state to remain in Congress after secession? Andrew Jackson
In 1842, what state was temporarily under the dual governorships of Samuel King and Thomas Dorr? Rhode Island
Similar to a diary or journal, what literary form is usually a web site maintained by an individual consisting of commentaries, descriptions of events, or autobiographical information? a blog
Name the only American president who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy Jimmy Carter
The member of a theater company responsible for supervising the backstage aspects of a production during rehearsal and performance is the ... stage manager
What 1970's president openly discussed his battle with hemorrhoids? Jimmy Carter
What character uttered these words? There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Hamlet
The only Southeast Asian nation that escaped colonial rule is ... Thailand
What was the first animated film to be nominated for a best picture Oscar? Beauty and the Beast
Brutus joined forces with what other Roman senator in the civil war against Octavian and Marc Antony? Cassius
These words are from the song of which branch of the U.S. military? Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun; We have fought in every clime and place Where we could take a gun. The Marines
The guillotine was originally invented for chopping off what? Hands
What is the minimum number of intersecting lines that determine a plane? 2
Name either of the two Central American countries in which the language, Miskito Coast Creole, is spoken. Nicaragua or Honduras
"Escritor" is Spanish for what profession? writer
What are the last words in this line by Ben Jonson? Drink to me only with thine eyes And I will pledge ... with mine
What is the function of red blood cells? carry oxygen
The six most common metals in the Earth are iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and what else? Aluminum
Who said "necessity is the mother of invention" ? Ovid
Eden Gardens is a temple to India's chief sporting passion that has been described as an Indian game that happened to be invented by the English. Name the game. cricket
What law passed in 1787 established the principle that as the country grew, new states should be admitted "on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatsoever"? Northwest Ordinance
What classic novel sold only 50 copies during the author's lifetime? Moby Dick
If you have Acute hasopharyngitis , what have you caught? A cold
In statistics, a beta error occurs when a hypothesis is accepted that is what? false (not true)
What was the name of the mythological monster that had nine heads? hydra
What war saw James Madison become the first U.S. president to command a military unit during his term in office? War of 1812
In 1760, what means of personal transport was invented? Roller Skates
What term literally means "under skin" ? Hypodermic
What type of hairs are the last ones to lose their color as you age? Eye lashes
Which human organ produces bilirubin? Liver
Who was the author of the book The Amazing Mr. Ripley? Patricia Highsmith
What category of storm over an ocean has clouds and thunderstorms swirling in a circle with winds up to 38 miles per hour? tropical depression
What author penned "Gone with the Wind"? Margaret Mitchell
Who said that evolution is due to natural selection and wrote the publication "Origin of Species"? Charles Darwin
In what novel would you find reference to "The Cracks of Doom"? Lord of the Rings
When he told a lie his nose grew, name this character? Pinocchio
In mythology what is the offspring of a God and mortal called? Hero
In Greek mythology, what group was Atlas a member of? the Titans
In Disney's 1973 animated Robin Hood what type of animal was Robin? a fox
What amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion, speech and the press? 1st
What historic structure was saved from a real estate syndicate by a donation from a Texas cattle heiress? the alamao
What Japanese war cry meant "May you live forever"? Banzai
Robert Frost wrote that "One could do worse than be a swinger of ..." birches
What country was ruled from 827 until 860 by Egbert, Ethelwulf and Ethelbald? England
What awards, founded in 1901, are funded with the help of the Bank of Sweden? Nobel Prize(s)
The hide from what animal was first used to cover baseballs in 1975? cow
What doctor came to court dressed as Thomas Jefferson, who was also thought to favor helping the terminally ill commit suicide? Jack Kevorkian
In ancient Turkey you could be executed for drinking what? coffee
What leader said in 1942: "Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much"? Franklin Delano Rosavelt (FDR)
What defense mechanism is used when an individual places the blame for his difficulties upon others or attributes to others his own unethical desires and impulses projection
Who was dubbed "Lenin's left leg" during the early stages of Russia's Marxist movement? Joseph Stalin
On many beaches there are signs warning swimmers of "dangerous undertow." Actually, this phrase refers to what kind of currents? rip currents
What U.S. president died 79 days after being shot? James Garfield
What Pittsburgh Pirate had exactly 3,000 career hits before dying in a plane crash? Roberto Clemente
What child name's plunge in U.S. popularity was attributed to a famous 1974 scandal? Richard
What nation was the first to abolish capital punishment in 1826? Russia
What European capital is found near the mouth of the Tagus River? Lisbon
The abscissa is positive in which quadrants? I, IV (1 and 4)
What was the name of the gangster that escaped from jail using a wooden gun? John Dillinger
What term derived from the Latin word for tongue indicates a person who speaks a number of languages fluently and often also works with languages as an interpreter or translator? linguist
What World War I weapon is alluded to below? Germany's only weapon against the Allied supply line from America was an instrument of war so new that no rules governed its use. submarine
By what number would you multiply x to the fourth power to produce x to the ninth power as the product? x to the fifth power
This is a statement of what chemical rule? Main-group elements tend to undergo reactions that leave them with eight valence electrons. octet rule
Minoan art developed around what sea? Aegean (or Mediterranean)
What does the Spanish word "pastor" mean? shepherd
During the Second World War, airplanes flying "over the Hump" carried supplies from India to what country? China
What is the area of a wing that spans 56 feet if it has an average chord length of 8 feet? 448
Before their untimely deaths, these people all worked on what TV show? Phil Hartman Gilda Radner John Belushi Chris Farley Saturday Night Live
Divide 8.8 x 10 squared by 2.2 x 10 cubed. 4 x 10^ -1
A brick that weighs one pound at the Earth's surface is transported to the exact center of the Earth. What is its weight at that location? Zero
What country is the setting for these movies? Gold Invictus Cry the Beloved Country South Africa
What type of thumb is characteristic of these creatures? lemur gorilla chimpanzee opposable
The monster, Grendel, was slain by who? Beowulf
If you have a $10,000 bond paying 7 percent interest, you will probably receive two equal payments annually in the amount of ... $350 (700/2 = 350)
Enclosed seas which reach deeply into continents may be connected with the open ocean by relatively narrow waterways called ... straits
What general type of polygon is equiangular and equilateral? regular polygon
In what 1976 movie does Howard Beale, a news anchorman, declare that he is mad and is not going to take it anymore? Network
The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 deprived German citizenship from those not of German or related blood and made marriage or extramarital relations illegal between Germans and what people? Jewish (Jews)
The strongest or largest individual in a herd or flock dominates other members who in turn dominate other individuals below them in the hierarchy. Name this arrangement. pecking order or hierarchy
Who wrote about an eight-story thinking machine in the tale, "Trurl's Machine"? Stanislaw Lem
What order of mammals have incisors especially developed for gnawing? Rodentia or Rodents
Europe's busiest river runs from the Swiss Alps through West Germany and the Netherlands into what body of water? North Sea
What, according to Parkinson's Law, expands so as to fill the time available for its completion? work
Name the gland at the base of the neck that controls the body's metabolic rate. Thyroid
All popes are held to be successors to what first-century saint? Saint Peter
Simplify 1/4(8a + 4b). 2a + b
What passes through lachrymal ducts? Tears
During what decade did these things occur? The Nisei were interned. Troops were evacuate from Dunkirk. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. The UN formed in San Francisco. Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier 1940s
Who made this remark in his last State of the Union address? I am proud of the long way we have come in rebuilding confidence in the presidency. Gerald Ford
What is soccer's equivalent to the jump ball of basketball? drop ball
What branch of the U.S. military was known as the Revenue Marine and later as the Revenue Cutter Service? Coast Guard
Name the haploid stage in the life cycle of a plant. gametophyte
What kind of cells are abnormally shaped in sickle cell disease? red blood cells
Mr. Wentzel had a contract to do the plumbing in a subdivision. But his work was shoddy and he did not even run pipe to certain fixtures. This failure to perform some of the terms of the agreement is known as a ... breach of contract
Largely because it was powerless in the face of Japanese, German, and Italian expansionism, what international organization was superceded by the United Nations? League of Nations
Name the character created by Mary Shelley who is a young student of natural philosophy obsessed with the desire to learn how to impart life to inanimate matter. Frankenstein
In which cardinal direction is Nepal from Bhutan? west
When it is expressed, what is caused by a lethal gene? death
In a room there were six diplomats. Each shook hands once with each of the others. How many handshakes were there? 15
Atomic mass is the sum of what 2 things? protons and neutrons
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