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the scarlet letter


prison door CHT 1 setting of the story
market place CHT 2 Hester and pearl on scaffold
recognition CHT 3 sees chillingworth
interview CHT 4 chilling wroth and Hester talk
hester at her needle CHT 5 seamstress talent
pearl CHT 6 learns about pearl and how she is heaters baby
governs Hall CHT 7 hester and pearl visit -gloves -plead for pearl
elf child and minister CHT 8 pearl is examined by church leaders
the leach CHT 9 chillingworth becomes demonic
the leech and his patient CHT 10 chilling worth ?'s dimmesdale
interior of heart CHT 11 dimmesdales health is failing
ministers vigil CHT 12 All night vigils (self harm from dimmesdale)
another view of hester CHT 13 towns people see here as "able" not "adulteress"
hester and pearl CHT 14 conversation about dimmesdale
a forest walk CHT 15 talk about sarlet letter
a forest walk CHT 16 hester and dimmesdale
the pastor and his Paris howler CHT 17 reveals secrete of dimmesdale being father
child at the brook side CHT 19 pearl meets dimmesdale as "dad"
a flood of sunshine CHT 18 run away together (confession)
minister in a maze CHT 20 running away/confused on plan
new England holliday CHT 21 election day/chillingworth is going to be on ship they were running away to
the procession CHT 22 chilling worth claims dimmesdale/pearl & hester are on their own
revelation of the scarlet letter dimmisdale gives his sermon and admits to being the father of pearl/scaffold/dimmesdale dies
Created by: emilyspickelmire