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Core Skill A

Flexo Industry Overview

Where are you most likely to find flexo products? Most flexo products can be found in the grocery store. Tge primary user being the consumer.
What was flexo called before it was flexo and what was it named after Flexography was called aniline printing and it was named after the dye inks which were a derivative of a coal tar. It was known for being toxic.
What is the ink roller called and how does it work? The anilox roll delivers the ink to the printing plate from small cells that are evenly spaced apart and are the same size.
What are the four most common types of flexographic presses? Stack, Central Impression, Inline, Corrugated (sheetfed)
In what way are flexographic plates unique? They are soft and flexible. The image is a raised surface typically made of photopolymer (can be rubber)
What types of substrates are most commonly printed flexographically? Corrugated board, film, pressure sensitive labels, textiles, cloth.
What are the four main rollers in the basic flexo print unit and give a brief description of their purpose? Fountain Roll: Picks up ink and delivers it to the anilox roll Anilox Roll: Transfers a measured/specific amount of ink
What are the three ink types used for flexography? Water based, Solvent Based and Ultra Violet (UV)Based
For increase productivity many flexo presses are equipped with in-line finishing capabilities. What are some of those capabilities Coating, Laminating, Slitting, Die-cutting (with some inline presses they are able to do embossing, screen printing and offset lithography)
Flexography is unique because it was developed primarily for printing on board,film and other packaging substrates supplied for form-and-fill, bag making and other continuous web-processing machinery. What type of printing is required? Roll-to-Roll or Roll-to-Cut
Created by: bhsgraphics