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SALT American Lit

Study help for American Lit Units 8-12

Which author is considered America's first modern poet? Walt Whitman
Which author was America's most beloved popular song composer? Stephen Foster
Which author was a realist who wrote about the frustrations of farm life? Hamlin Garland
Which author was an outstanding hymn writer of the 1800s? Fanny Crosby
What event was held in Hoopole County? spelling school
Who wrote "Self Reliance"? Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who painted Still Life? Frank Benson
Who was converted to Christianity through his research for Ben-Hur? Lew Wallace
On whom did Mirandy have a crush? Ralph
Who founded Tuskegee Institute and wrote Up from Slavery? Booker T. Washington
What is the literary movement concerned with faithfully depicting subject matter or representing real life accurately in literature? Realism
Who wrote "I Never Saw a Moor"? Emily Dickinson
Who painted At the Seaside? William Merritt Chase
Who owned horses which Ben-Hur wanted to use for the chariot race? Sheikh Ilderim
Who took unfair advantage of Haskins' success? Jim Butler
Who was the Methodist circuit rider who depicted Hoosier life? Edward Eggleston
Who wrote Walden? Henry David Thoreau
Who took control of Prince Hur's holdings after the demise of the family? Simonides
Whose friendship did Ralph most want to win? Bud
Which author was the leading local color writer of his day? Bret Harte
In The Hoosier School-Master, whose actions did Ralph try to emulate? Bull
Who wrote "Nuts for Skeptics to Crack"? Billy Sunday
Who painted The Oregon Trail? Albert Bierstadt
Who was a false friend to Ben-Hur, and was the object of his revenge? Messala
Who "spelled down" the master? Hannah
Who was a lawyer, statesman, and soldier? Lew Wallace
Who put a puppy in Ralph's desk? Bill Means
Which author wrote "A World Split Apart"? Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Who painted Breezing Up? Winslow Homer
Who was sent to learn about Ben-Hur and report his findings? Malluch
In "A Village Singer", who had replaced Candace as church soloist? Alma
Which author was a scholarly preacher whose sermons were widely read? T. DeWitt Talmage
Who wrote "When the Frost Is on the Punkin"? James Whitcomb Riley
Who painted Saying Grace? Norman Rockwell
Who was the daughter of Simonides, to whom Ben-Hur was attracted? Esther
What misfortune befell the Haskins's farm? grasshoppers
Which author was a New England local color writer? Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Who wrote "Is the Bible True?" William Jennings Bryan
In "Under the Lion's Paw," who helped the Haskins family? Steve Council
Which author was known for his Uncle Remus stories? Joel Chandler Harris
Which author wrote "Song of the Chattahoochee"? Sidney Lanier
Who wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Jonathan Edwards
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