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Lit. Midterm 2014

Effect is a... noun- The effect of...
affect is a... verb
me is a(n)______ pronoun objective
I is a(n)_______ pronoun subjective
A Lot 2 words and means many
It's Means it is or it has
Its possessive
Bad is a _____ describing a _____ adjective; noun
Badly is a _____ describing a ______ adverb; action verb
If you say that you could care less means... means that you actually cares
If you say that you couldn't care less means.. means that you can't care more than you already do
Lose means... to be defeated or to misplace something
Loose means... not tight or secure
Good is an _______ meaning _____ adjective; fine
well is an ________ meaning ________ adverb; skillfully
alliteration the repetition of a beginning sound in neighboring words
dialogue a conversation between 2 characters
Figurative language language where words and phrases have more than a literal or concrete meaning
hyperbole a figure of speech in which great exaggeration is used
metaphor a comparison of two things without using like or as
onomatopoeia a figure of speech in which the sound of the word imitates the sound associated with it
personification a figure of speech where human qualities are given to inanimate objects
simile comparing two things using like or as
flashback a technique where the author bring the reader back in time
imagery writing that helps the reader hear, see, taste, smell, or feel something
repetition repeating words and/or lines for emphasis
rhyme scheme a regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem usually indicated by assigning a different letter to each end sound
rhyme the sense of movement made through a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
style the way that the author expresses their idea and created a certian effect
theme the central idea or message in a literary work
tone overall feeling created by the author
Shakespeare was born on ... April 23,1564
he died on... April 23, 1616
grew up in... Stratford-upon-Avon, England
left school by age of... 15
At the age of__, he married ______________ 18; Anne Hathaway
he had 3 children named... Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet
Lost son ______ at age__ to the ____________ Hamnet; 11; Bubonic Plague
Public theaters were closer in ____ for _ years 1592; 2
Became part of the ___ _______ built in ____ and then it burned down in ____ Globe Theater; 1599; 1613
His works included ___ sonnets, _ epic book length poems and __ plays 154; 2; 38
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