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WSHS - Eng 10 - 2nd Period - Oedipus Terms and Characters

Thebes the city where Oedipus lives as king
2nd Messenger delivered the news of Jocasta’s death
Sophocles the author of the play
Oedipus the tragic hero of the play
Jocasta Oedipus’ biological mother
Apollo the Greek god Oedipus blamed for his trouble
Antigone daughter of Oedipus
chorus group/character that represents the public
Creon Jocasta’s brother
Polybus Oedipus’ adopted father
brooch object that Oedipus blinded himself with
Teiresias the blind prophet whom Oedipus threatens
Merope Oedipus’ adopted mother
Athens the city where the author is from
crosswords place where the king of Thebes was killed
herdsman Oedipus tortured this person into talking
blight a word that means “plague”
Laius Oedipus’ biological father
Dionysus the Greek god whom plays were written fo
Sphinx winged creature with lion’s head/woman’s body
Corinth the city where Polybus was king
Created by: ktedder