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Keyboarding Vocab

Keyboarding Vocabulary

Posture the position of a person's body while standging or sitting
alt+tab switch between windows
Hardware the collection of physical elements that constitutes a computer system
Homerow keys means including related links, information, and terms.
Backspace A key that moves the cursor or insertion point backward one character space
WPM stands for words per minute meaning the number of words an individual can type on computer per minute.
Keyboarding Posture
Caps Lock A toggle key on computer keyboards that, when activated, causes all subsequent alphabetic characters to be uppercase
Keyboard Shortcut Keyboard shortcuts are a way of running menu options by pressing a combination of keys.
Control Key (Ctrl) A key on a computer keyboard that is pressed in combination with another key to activate a command.
QWERTY the arrangement of keys on a standard English computer keyboard or typewriter.
Cursor Control Key A special symbol, usually a solid rectangle or a blinking underline character.
Service Keys key to service management.
Delete delete or remove refers to removing a file, text, or other object from the computer hard drive or other media.
Shift Key A keyboard key that allows a user to type a single capital letter.
Created by: trvparella