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International Codes

AA Airport Codes International

PSE Ponce P.R.
PTP Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe
PTY Panama City, Panama
PUJ Punta Cana, D.R.
PVG Shanghai, China (Pudong Int'l Airport)
PVR Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
REC Recife, Brazil
SAL San Salvador, El Salvador
SAP San Pedro Sula, Honduras
SCL Santiago, Chile
SDQ Santo Domingo, D.R.
SJD San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
SJO San Jose, Costa Rica
SJU San Juan, Puerto Rico
SKB St. Kitts/Nevis, Leeward Is.
SLP SanLuis Potosi, Mexico
SLU St. Lucia, Windward Is., V.I.
SSA Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
STI Santiago, D.R.
STT St. Thomas, V.I.
STX St. Croix, V.I.
SVD St. Vincent and the Grenadines
SVO Moscow, Russia (Sheremetyevo)
SXM St. Maarten, N.A.
TGU Tegucigalpa, Honduras
TRC Torreon, Mexico
UIO Quito, Ecuador
UVF St. Lucia, Winward Is. (Hewanorra Int'l Airport)
VLN Valencia, Venezuela
VVI Santa Cruz, Bolivia
YEG Edmonton, Alberta
YHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia
YOW Ottawa, Ontario
YUL Montreal, Quebec (Dorval)
YVR Vancouver, British Columbia
YYC Calgary, Alberta
YYZ Toronto, Ontario
ZIH Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
ZRH Zurick, Switzerland
GLA Glascow, Scotland
GND Grenada, Winward Is.
GRU Sao Paulo, Brazil
GUA Guatemala City, Guatemala
GYE Guayaquil, Ecuador
HEL Helsinki, Finland (Vantaa)
HND Tokyo Haneda
ICN Seoul, South Korea (Incheon International Airport)
KIN Kingston, Jamaica (Manley)
KIX Osaka, Japan (Kansai International Airport)
LGW London, England (Gatwick)
LHR London, England (Heathrow)
LIM Lima, Peru
LIR Guanacaste, CR Liberia (Daniel Oduber Airport)
LPB La Paz, Bolivia (International Airport of the City of El Alto, serving the City of La Paz)
LRM Casa de Campo/La Romana, Dominican Republic
MAD Madrid, Spain
MAN Manchester, England
MAR Maracaibo, Venezuela (Aeropuerto Internacional La Chinta)
MBJ Montego Bay, Jamaica
MDE Medellin, Columbia (Rionegro - Jose Maria Cordova Airport)
MEX Mexico City, Mexico
MGA Managua, Nicaragua
MHH Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
MTY Monterrey, Mexico
MVD Montevideo, URG
MXP Milan, Italy (Malpensa)
MZT Mazatlan, Mexico
NAS Nassau, Bahamas
NGO Nagoya, Japan
NRT Tokyo, Japan (Narita)
PAP Port au Prince, Haiti
PBC Puebla, Mexico
PEK Beijing, China
PLS Providenciales, West Indies
POA Porto Alegre, Brazil
POP Puerto Plata, D.R.
POS Port of Spain, Trin. & Tob.
ACA Acapulco, Mexico
AGU Aguascalientes, Mexico
AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
ANU Antigua, Br. V.I.
ARN Stockholm, Sweden (Arlanda)
ASU Asuncion, Paraguay
AUA Aruba, N.A.
AXA Anguilla, Leeward Is.
BCN Barcelona, Spain
BDA Bermuda
BGI Barbados, W.I.
BJX Leon, Mexico (De Guanajuato Int'l Airport)
BOG Bogota, Columbia
BRU Brussels, Belgium
BSB Brasilia, Brazil
BUD Budapest, Hungary (Ferihegy)
BZE Belize City, Belize (Goldson)
CCS Caracas, Venezuela
CDG Paris, France (Charles De Gaulle)
CLO Cali, Columbia
CNF Belo Horizonte, Brazil
CUN Cancun, Mexico
CUR Curacao
CUU Chihuahua, Mexico
CZM Cozumel, Mexico
DEL Delhi, India
DOM Dominica
DUB Dublin, Ireland
DUS Dusseldorf, Germany
EIS Tortola, Br. V.I.
EZE Buenos Aires, Argentina
FCO Rome, Italy
FDF Fort De France, Martinique
FPO Freeport, Bahamas
FRA Frankfurt, Germany
GCM Grand Cayman Is.
GDL Guadalajara, Mexico
GGT Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas
GHB Governer's Harbour, Bahamas
GIG Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Created by: Diamondv23
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