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Know Your Pony 2!

It's back! Test your knowledge on the background and less screen time ponies!

AppleJack's big brother dosen't say much. BigMacIntosh
AppleJack's little sister is leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Apple Bloom
Rarity's little sister has a talent of singing. Sweetie Belle
RainbowDashe's biggest fan a pegasus who can't fly. Scootalo
A teacher to all the foals in PonyVille. Cheerlie
A mysterious pony from a different place. He has a hour glass as a cutiemark and wears a tie sometimes some say he deals with all things wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Doctor Whooves
A gray pegasus who has a blond mane. Her name refers to her eyes.She is sometimes seen with the Doctor. Derpy Hooves
A turquoise unicorn who is usuaaly seen with Bon-Bon. Rumour says she likes hands. Lyra Heartstrings
A friend of Lyra Heartstrings. Works at a candy shop in Ponyville. Bon-Bon
A pony usually seen in Canterlot she wears a bow tie and enjoys classical music. She plays a cello in a quartet. Octavia Melody
A unicorn who was a college room mate to Octavia Melody. Octavia sometimes stays with her in Ponyville and she is known for her purple shades and her wubs. Vinyl Scratch
A light yellow pony with a bright orange mane. Known for her delicious carrots. A freind of Derpy Hooves. CarrotTop
A purple pegasus with a white mane. Her sister is CloudChaser. Flitter
A purple pegasus with a white mane. Her sister is Flitter. Cloud Chaser
The leader of the WonderBolts she teaches the other pegasi at the WonderBolts academy. Spit Fire
A member of the WonderBolts he loves apple pies. Soarin
A zebra who lives in the EverFree forest she mixes potions and is a good friend of AppleBloom's. Zecora
AppleJack's grandmother without her PonyVille wouldnt even exsist. Granny Smith
A white pegasus with very small wings. He can fly rather fast and has the tendancy to yell out "YEAH!" Road Rage
AppleJack's cousin who lives in AppleLossa. Brae Burn
AppleBloom's cousin who extended the CMC's range into the city of ManeHattan. Bab Seed
A stallion who was inspired by PinkiePie to give ponies patrties they won't forget. He has a rubber chicken named Boneless. Cheese Sandwich
A pony who plays the brass instruments with ease. Is part of Octavia's quartet. Beauty Brass
A pegasus who hunts for treasure. She has written books about her adventures. Daring Do
An Apple family member is regonized for her fiddle playing skills. Fiddle Sticks
Twilight Sparkle's brother. Shining Armor
Shining Armor's wife. Twilight's foal sitter. Princess Cadence
AppleJack's uncle who lives in ManeHattan. Uncle Orange
AppleJack's aunt who lives in ManeHattan Aunt Orange
A mysterious pony who wears a cowel and hides her identity. Was actually six different ponies. The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
A pony who wears a wizard cap and cape. She talks in third person. She also often gets full of herself. The Great and Powerful Trixie
A old friend of RainbowDash she was mean to Fluttershy and PinkiePie exposed her. Gilda the Griffin
A pony who bullies the CMC she has her cutiemark. Diamond Tiara
A pony who hangs around with Diamond Tiara she has her cutiemark also. Silver Spoon
Created by: DarkGem0907