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Objective 1.01

Typeface and Font

Typography The design of the characters and the way they are presented on the page.
Typeface The basic design of a character, each typeface has a design for each letter of the alphabet.
Serif Have attributes or strokes at the tips of the letters called serifs.
Examples of serif: Bodoni Goudy Courier Times New Roman
Serif used for: Body text in printed publications.
Sans Serif There are no attributes at the tips of the letters.
Examples of sans serif: Arial Berlin Sans Gill Sans Verdana
Sans serif used for: Very large or very small text and for digital display.
Ornamental/decorative Designed strictly to catch the eye.
Examples of ornamental/decorative: Chiller Webdings Broadway Engravers MT
Ornamental/decorative used for: Headlines on flyers or advertisements. Webdings can be used for symbols in logos.
Script Appears to have been written by hand with a calligraphy pen or brush.
Examples of script: French Script
Script used for: Formal invitations Place cards Poetry Announcements
Font A specific size, weight and style applied to a character.
Font Style The slant and weight of a character, such as bold or italic.
Font Family A group of similarly formatted typefaces like Arial Bold, Arial Narrow, and Arial Rounded.
Monospaced All characters have the same space like a typewriter.
Proportional All characters are based on the size of the character.
Leading Vertical line spacing.
Kerning Horizontal spacing between lines.
Tracking Horizontal spacing between ALL the characters side by side.