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HB 337 Exam 1

Professor Zhang

The automation of a traditional process. Technology
3 Types of Restaurant POS processing: 1) Manual data entry (non-automated capture) 2) System Supported (POS-based workstation) 3) Self-service (mobile/web/kiosk
What helps us do things faster, better & cheaper w/ enhanced accuracy, reliability & consistency. Technology
What type of pricing do airlines use? Dynamic
Revenue Management, Cashless Transactions, In-house Publishing, Auto-Posting of Charges, HSIA, Digital Media, E-commerce, M-commerce, T-commerce, Self-Service Technology: are all an example of what? Recent Hospitality Innovations
HSIA is the same as what? Wifi
E-Commerce = Internet
M-Commerce = Mobile
T-Commerce = Tablet
3 most wanted Christmas gifts: 1 Cash, 2 Gift cards, 3 iPhone
Most popular gift cards = Starbucks, iTunes, Target
The (control or information) flow flows between Input/Output units and an External Storage Device along with between the External Storage Device and CPU. Information Flow
The (control or information) flow flows between the CPU and Input/Output Units, and between the CPU and External storage device. Control Flow
Monitors, printers Output units
Keyboard, touchscreen terminal, mice, scanner, voice recognition Input units
Although hosp industry = quickly adapting, the most common input/output unit used in the industry is the: CRT (Cathode-Raytube)
Most important hardware component in an automated system. The "brain", controls other system components. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
What's in charge of: Arithmetical/logical unit Control Unit Operating System Internal Memory CPU - Central Processing Unit
What's either a box on the floor or integrated into the monitor? CPU - Central Processing Unit
What memory stores a permanent control program entered by comp developer that may also house the operating system? ROM - Read Only Memory
What memory is also called non-volatile memory? ROM - Read Only Memory
What memory contains start-up info and can't be written/erased? ROM - Read Only Memory
What memory stores temporary data entered in the computer? RAM - Random Access Memory
What memory is also called read/write or volatile memory? RAM - Random Access Memory
Internal/permanent, or long-term storage that's not the same as memory. Hard Drive
T/F: A hard drive is the same thing as memory. False
Magnetic tapes (sequential access med.), magnetic disk (random access medium), hard disks, USB drives, optical disks (CD, DVD): are all examples of what? External Storage Devices
CDs and DVDs are called what kind of disks? Optical
A physical device connection. Port
PnP stands for: Plug and Play auto-configuration
Parallel, Serial, USB, ECP, IrDA, Wireless: are all types of what? Ports
8 bit transmission port Parallel
Single bit transmission port Serial
USB stands for: Universal Serial Bus
ECP stands for: Extended Capabilities Port
IrDA stands for: Infrared device accessibility
Instructions commanding an automated system to perform useful tasks. Software
What hardware needs to operate. Software
System boot, diagnostics, maintenance, operating systems are all a function of what? System Software
Controls interactions btw hardware components of an automated system & application software programs. Operating Systems
Generic & industry software, non-integrate & integrated software, Word Processing, Electronic Spreadsheets, Database mngmnt, communications are all types of what? Application Software
What type of software incorporates more than 1 program? Integrated/Generic (type of Application Software)
Package that can be put to a wide variety of uses. Ex. Spreadsheet: which can be used for any task involving calculations or graph plotting. Generic Software/Integrated
Package is produced to perform 1 specific task. Ex. program written to produce invoices & manage stock levels. Application Specific Software/Non-integrated
Source Code >> Compiler >> Object Code Which code is human readable and which is machine readable? Source Code = Human Readable Object Code = Machine Readable
2 dimensional barcode that can contain much more info than traditional barcodes. It was originally used for tracking vehicles parts during manufacturing. QR Codes (Quick Response)
What are used to link offline world w/ online world & replace paper by embedding info which can be used w/ a mobile device instead of printing a handout? QR Codes (Quick Response)
What Program Development Concept design flows from smallest part of triangle down to biggest part. (From menu >> Recipes >> Ingredients) Management Design
What Program Development Concept design flows from biggest part of triangle down to smallest part. (From Ingredients >> Recipes >> Menu) Developer's Design
5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing: Confidence Contracts Communications Comparisons Contingencies
1 of the 5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing that says test each system separately. Confidence
1 of the 5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing that says analyze existing provisions. Contracts
1 of the 5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing that says what, how, when. Communications
1 of the 5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing that says identify installed users. Comparisons
1 of the 5 C's of Multiprocessor Interfacing that says plan downtime strategies. Contingencies
ROT: Maintenance and support expenses shouldn't exceed what %? 1%
Companies spend what % of profit from online booking? 25%
The techno-cycle used for restaurants flows from Input Data >> Process >> Output Information and has no memory flow from input >> process. Data Processing Cycle
The techno-cycle used for hotels flows from Input Data >> Process >> Output Information and has memory flow from input >> process additionally. Electronic Data Processing
Does the Electronic Data Processing Techno-cycle used by hotels have an additional flow of memory from input >> process? Yes
Does the Data Processing Cycle Techno-cycle used by restaurants have an additional flow of memory from input >> process? No
The 3 Electronic Data Processing objectives = Throughput, Efficiency, Streamlining
Minimizing time of data processing cycle is what EDP objective? Throughput
Minimizing data handling procedures is what EDP objective? Efficiency
Minimizing non-critical output is what EDP objective? Streamlining
Speed. reliability, accuracy, retention, communications & *control* are advantages of what? EDP Elec. Data Processing
A measured perception of quality, value & reputation. Brand Index
Analog Signals >> Modem >> Digital Signals Analog Signals >> Modem >> Digital Signals
An application for rapidly storing & retrieving data. Consists of a collection of interrelated data. (A set of files.) Database
A group of interrelated records. (A set of records.) File
A set of fields. Record
A set of data. Field
Rank biggest to smallest: 1 File 2 Field 3 Byte 4 Database 5 Bit 6 Record Database (biggest) > File > Record > Field > Byte > Bit
Is a byte or a bit the smallest part of a database and is made up of 0s and 1s? Bit
4 Types of Databases: HNRO Hierarchical, Network, Relational, Object Oriented
What type of database is similar to a family tree? Hierarchical Database
What type of database has less ordered relationships and is like a circular version of the hierarchical database type? Network Database
What type of database organizes data in tables w/ rows & columns, flexible data organization & uses SQL? Relational Database
What type of database is new and more powerful for handling multimedia & graphic-based data (iTunes album covers). Object Oriented Database
Software providing users & database administrators the ability to access & manipulate data. Database Management System
What combine files, record & enable users to manage databases? Keys (Primary & Foreign)
What key is a unique identifier? Primary Key
What key is a connector? Foreign Key
Query format providing instructions for building & modifying the structure of a database or for modifying data stored in tables. SQL - Structured Query Language
SQL stands for: Structured Query Language
A massive collection of enterprise data. Data Warehouse
Limited to a single decision of business or functional area. Data Mart
Data segmentation for intense application analysis. Data Cube
What part of the Menu >> Beverage >> Toppings diagram is Data Warehouse? Menu
What part of the Menu >> Beverage >> Toppings diagram is Data Mart? Beverage
What part of the Menu >> Beverage >> Toppings diagram is Data Cube? Toppings
Process of finding relationships in data. Data Mining
Profiling, clustering & targeting are types of what? Data Mining
Ability to execute application software on an external server. [SaaS] Cloud Computing
Web based services allowing indv to construct a profile, connect w/ others, and view & traverse their connections made w/in the system. Social Media
What are the 2 most popular forms of social media? Facebook, Twitter
What social media form has grown extremely quickly lately? Instagram
64% of ppl (76% 25-34 yr ppl) use what to make travel plans? Social Media
What form of social media is great for companies to use to listen to customers? Twitter
STEPPS of why things catch on are: Social Currency Trigger Emotion public Practical Value Stories
Social Currency, Trigger, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, & Stories are the 6 STEPPS reasons for what? Why things catch on
Collection of computers & network hardware interconnected by communication channels allowing sharing of resources & info. Network
What are the 3 types of Networks? LAN, MAN, WAN
LAN stands for: Local Area Network
MAN stands for: Metropolitan Area Network
WAN stands for: Wide Area Network
A lot of memory, hard disk space, faster CPU that provides shared resources to the network. Can be client/server architecture or peer to peer arch. Server
What can be client/server architecture or peer to peer arch? Server
Personal Computer, node/client network component. Workstation
Cable type, network topology, network interface card. Physical Construction
3 Types of Cables: 1 Twisted-pair cable 2 Coaxial cable 3 fiber-optic (FiOS)
3 Types of Network Topology: Bus, Ring, Star
What type of network topology do these characteristics describe?: + Implementation, less cable, quick setup, cheap - Cable length, # of stations, troubleshoot, performance Bus Topology
In this type of network topology all nodes are connected to 2 other nodes to form a circle. Ring Topology
In this type of network topology each node connects to separate center node hub. Star Topology
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