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Computer Tech

Slide Sorter The view that shows all slides in mini version of all slides.
Slide Layout How the placeholders are arranged on a slide.
Animation How objects moves/appears on a slide.
Transition How the slide changes to the next slide.
Graphics A picture.
Email Electronic mail
Spam unsolicited emails
Attachment connecting a file to an email message
Internet Networks connecting millions of computers around the world to thousands of servers
World wide web A subset of the internet. Consists of interconnected pages.
Internet service provider Provides internet access for a fee
Web browser Need it to VIEW the internet
URL Website address
Domain What group the website belongs to.
Hyperlink Gives you access to a webpage when you click on it
Search engine Use this when you don’t know the URL
Search operators Narrows key search results
.com Commercial
.edu 4 year colleges
.mil military
.gov government
.net network service providers
.int international government
Freeware Copyrighted software that is free
Shareware Free trial period
All Right Reserved The creator owns all right to the software and says what the buyers can do
Creative Commons Provides flexibility and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators
Database a collection of information that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.
Table Where you SETUP the database; decide what information to include
Form Where you ENTER information into the database
Query Just like when you ask a question you are searching for information, a Query SEARCHES for information in the database
Report Displays information from the database
Computer Hardware parts of a computer you can touch
Input devices keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner
Output devices monitor, printer, speakers, projector
CPU Central Processing Unit-processes program instructions
RAM Random Access Memory-holds program instruction temp.
Bytes order Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, terabyte
Hertz the processing speed of the CPU
Operating system software controls overall functions of computer
Types of application software excel, web browsers, Word, email, etc.
Multitask being able to use more than one program at a time
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