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Digital Citizenship

Terms: Cyberbullying, Plagiarism, and Copyright

Bystander Someone who sees cyber bullying happening, but does nothing to help
Upstander Someone who takes action and stands up for someone who is being (cyber)bullied
Empathize to imagine the feelings that someone else is experiencing
Cyberbullying the use of digital media tools such as the Internet and cell phones to deliberately upset or harass someone else
Bully to deliberately intimidate or scare others.
Target the person being cyberbullied
Malicious intentfully mean
Flame (ing) receiving/sending a nasty or abusive email that is meant to inflame a situation or enrage someone
Anonymity Staying anonymous or unknown to another user or stealing passwords and sending out emails or instant messages pretending to be someone else.
Harassing bombarding someone with messages over digital media, or repeated contact when it is least expected
Digital Citizen a member of a worldwide community linked by the Internet
Creative work any idea or artistic creation that is recorded in some form, whether it’s hard copy or digital
Copyright a law that protects your control over the creative work you make so that people must get your permission before they copy, share, or perform your work
License a clear way to define the copyright of your creative work so people know how it can be used
Piracy Stealing copyrighted work by downloading or copying it in order to keep, sell, or give it away without permission and without paying
Plagiarize/Plagiarism Copying, “lifting,” or making slight changes to some or all of someone else’s work and saying you created it.
Public Domain Creative work that’s not copyrighted and therefore free for you to use however you want.
Fair Use The ability to use a small amount of copyrighted work without permission, but only in certain ways and in specific situations (schoolwork and education, news reporting, criticizing or commenting on something, and comedy/parody)
Creative Commons A kind of copyright that makes it easier for people to copy, share, and build on your creative work, as long as they give you credit for it
Created by: RMSCompLit