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Damit - nakasuot

Nakasuot si Josie ng bulaklaking polo Josie is wearing a floral shirt
nakasout si Jose ng dilaw bestida Jose is wearing a yellow dress
nakasuot siya ng pulang dyaket she is wearing a red jacket
nakasuot ang babae ng baro't saya a woman is wearing a (traditional) blouse and skirt
blusa blouse
palda skirt
bestida dress
damit dress
polo shirt
barong tagalog filipino national costume
baro't saya traditional blouse and skirt for women
kurbata tie
amerikana suit
uniporme uniform
sumbrero hat
sapatos shoes
sandalyas sandals
pantalon pants
pantalong maong jeans
Ano ang suot ni Bobby? What is Bobby wearing.
Nakasuot si Bobby ng polong azul. Bobby is wearing a blue shirt.
Sino ang nakasuot ng puting bestida? Who is wearing a white dress?
Si Bobby ang nakasuot ng pulang bestida. Gabi is the one wearing a red dress.
Sino diyan si Alex? Which one is Alex?
Si Alex ang nakusuot ng kulay kahel na kamiseta. Alex is the one wearing the orange shirt.
Iyang nakasuot ng kulay kahel na kamiseta. The one wearing the orange shirt.
"suot" to wear
naka- special prefix expressing an object's state, condition or appearance
nakasuot wearing
nakasuot ng pulang pantalon si Ben Ben is wearing red pants
magsuot ka ng bestida wear a dress
nagsuot ako ng bestida kahapon i wore a dress yesterday
nagsusuot ako ng bestida araw-araw I wear a dress everyday
magsusuot ako ng bestida bukas i will wear a dress tomorrow
i+suot suot+in object focus of wear
isuot mo ang bestida / suotin mo ang bestida wear the dress
(i)sinuot ko ang bestida i wore the dress
(i)sinusuot ko ang bestida tuwing Linggo I am wearing the dress every Sunday
isusuot ko ang bestida sa Linggo. / Susuotin ko ang bestida sa Linggo. I will wear the dress on Sunday.
Nakasuot ng pulang dyaket -> Nakapulang dyaket -> nakapula -> nakadyaket wearing the red jacket, in the red jacket, in red. in jacket.
nakasuot ng berdeng pantalon -> nakaberdeng pantalon -> nakapantalon wearing green pants, in green pants, in pants
nakasuot ng asul na polo si C.J. C.J. is wearing a blue shirt
nakasuot ng polo so C.J. C.J. is wearing a shirt.
nakasuot ng asul si C.J. C.J. is wearing blue
naka-polo si C.J. C.J. is wearing a shirt.
naka-asul si C.J. C.J. is wearing blue.
nakangiti smiling
nakatayo standing
nakaupo sitting
Created by: Solkatt