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Black History Facts

Study for Quiz Bowl

Appeal,a book of anti-slavery literature, was written by what Black American? David Walker
Beauford Delaney liked to paint what subjects? Black writers and artists
Bell hooks, born Gloria Jean Watkins, graduated from what high school in Hopkinsville,Kentucky? Attucks High School
Born in Newark, New Jersey in 1934, what poet and playwright is nicknamed LeRoi Jones? Amiri Baraka
Elizabeth Catlett Mora is a graphic artist and print maker. For what other type of works is she best known? Sculpture
For what 1954 Film was Dorothy Dandridge the first black actress to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress? Carmen Jones
Formerly the Virginia Theater, what became the first Broadway theater to bear the name of an African American in 2005? The August Wilson Theater
How many operas did the composer Scott Joplin write? 2
How old was Langston Hughes when his poetry was first published? 19
Roots, the miniseries,was aired eight nights in 1977 with nearly 130 million viewers. Its 1979 sequel was named what? Roots: The Next Generation
Baltimore's newspaper, the Afro-American, was founded by what former slave? John H. Murphy
Blues vocalist, song writer, and guitarist John Brim also owned what businesses in Chicago? a dry cleaning business and a record store
Born free and later sold into slavery after his father's death, who became the first adult African American to graduate from Berea College? Angus A. Burleigh
Born in 1810, who was William Leidesdorff? One of the first Black American millionaires
Born in Louisville, KY, who was the first African American student at Murray State University had to be escorted to class by the police and the university president? Mary Ford Holland
Centenary Biblical Institute was esablished in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1865 by blacks after the Civil War. Under what name does it operate today? Morgan State University
Charles W. Anderson is credited with a number of early Civil Rights measures including what Act which provided funding for African Americans to seek higher education out of state because Kentucky enforced higher education segregation laws? Anderson-Mayer State Aid Act
Cheyney State, the oldest Black American college, was founded in what year? 1837
Returning to Kentucky after serving in the Union Army during the Civil War, Peter Postel, St. opened what type of business? Grocery store
"Boogie Wonderland" was Earth, Wind & Fire's only Disco song. What was the name of the group of ladies that sang with them on this record? The Emotions
"Ma" Rainey taught what singer ho to sing the blues? Bessie Smith
Actress Nichelle Nichols is best known for her role in what television series? Star Trek
Alice Walker advised what movie director during the film production of her best selling book, The Color Purple? Steven Spielberg
B.B. king is noted for what type of music? Blues
Birthplace of Billie Holiday, Pennsylvania Avenue became the center of black life through the 1930s in what city? Baltimore
Boasting twelve number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, what female singing group was the most successful American vocal group of all time? The Supremes
Considered the greatest blues singer of the 1920s, what artist was known as the "empress of the blues"? The Spinners
Robert Guillaume starred in what TV Series? Benson
"Free at last, free at last; thank God almighty..." Complete Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. "...we are free at last."
"Lifting as we climb" was the slogan of the National Association of Colored Women. Name the organization's first president. Mary Eliza Church Terrell
"The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro" was a speech delivered in Rochester, New York in 1852 by what abolitionist orator? Frederick Douglass
A slave ship called "clothilde" (Clotilda) was the last ship to arrive in America. Where did it land? Alabama
After Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, who succeeded him as the head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference? Ralph Abernathy
As leader of the boycott organization in Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. delivered his initial civil rights address at what church in Montgomery in 1995? Holt Street Baptist Church
As of July 1, 2007, which state, at 38%, had the highest percentage black population? Mississippi
Barney Ford, a former slave, gained his freedom by doing what? Escaping to Chicago via the Underground Railroad
Between 1915 and the mid-1920s approximately how many blacks left the rural South to urban areas of the North and the West as part of the Great Migration? 1,000,000
Richard Allen was the first bishop of what is now the oldest Black established church in the United States. What is the name of the church? African Methodist Episcopal Church
Satchel Paige was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in what year? 1971
In what year did the Freedman's Bureau arrive in Montgomery County? 1865
When did Christiansburg Institute Close? 1966
In what year was the first school in Montgomery County open to African Americans? 1867
What was the name of the first school for African Americans in Montgomery County? Colored School No. 1
How big was the first school for African Americans in MOntgomery County 12 x 14
Who organized the Friends' Freedmen's Association? Quakers
How old was Captain Schaeffer when he deeded the school property to a board of trustees? 55
The first home of Christiansburg Institute was also called what? The Hill School
What is the name of the only remaining building on the historic register that belongs to the Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association? Edgar A. Long Building
A celebration of the freedom of African American slaves, Kentucky Representative Reginald Meeks led the push for the creation of what holiday in Kentucky? Juneteenth National Freedom Day
Although it was immediately disbanded, this general formed the First South Carolina Volunteer Regiment for blacks in 1862. Name him. General David Hunter
Bernice Dickerson, the oldest elected and serving official in Kentucky, won how many city council elections? 11
Black Americans were authorized to enlist in the US Navy in what year? 1861
Blanche Bruce went on to become the first black elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate. Who elected him? The Mississippi Legislature
Blanche K. Bruce was born a slave. He became the first black to be elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate. In what year was he elected to the Senate? 1874
Born in 1900, for how many years did Hopskinsville native J. Daniel Massie serve as magistrate of the First Magisterial District in Christian County? 27
Born in 1947, who became the first African American judge to serve on the Louisville District Court in 1978? William E. McAnulty, Jr.
Born in Paducah, KY, who was the first African American to receive a regular commission in the U.S.Marine Corps in1948? John E. Rudder
President Lydon B.Johnson appointed what attorney as a justice of the U.S. Supreme court? Thurgood Marshall
Albert Y. Garner received a patent for what invention used to help save lives? a flame retardant
Apollo 16 used an ultraviolet camera designed by what Black American? George E. Carruthers
As a member of the Challenger space shuttle team,what was Dr. Ronald McNair's responsibility? Mission Science Specialist
August Jackson created what well-known desert? Ice Cream
Bessie Coleman was the first black female aviator in 1921. Because of racism in the United States, she was refused entry into aeronautics schools. She was trained and received her pilot's license in what country? France
Born in Hopkinsville,Kentucky, pharmacist Garland H. Brooks attended what local high school? Attucks High School
Born in Hopkinsville,this physician and surgeon practiced in Henderson, Kentucky, for 50 years. Name him. James G. Glass
Born into slavery in Missouri, who worked his way through school as a farm hand and a janitor to became an agricultural scientist whose discoveries revolutionized southern agriculture and helped the South move away from dependence on the cotton industry? George Washington Carver
Darnley E. Howard, Sr. and Darnley M. Howard,Jr., father and son, shared what same profession? Inventors
Prior to Joseph Lee's bread making invention,how many people were needed to produce the same amount of loaves per day? 12
Reigning in 1940, who was the last African American guide for Mammoth Cave, eight years before the cave was turned over to the federal government? Lewis Bransford
After retiring from professional tennis, Althea Gibson launched what new professional sports career? Golf
Bill Pickett was a rodeo star who chased down a steer on horseback and wrestled the animal to the ground. He invented this style of steer wrestling. By what name was it known? Bulldogging
Born in 1946, Jim Kelly, martial artist and star of the films Enter the Dragon and Black Belt Jones, currently practices what profession? Tennis Coach
Born in Benham, KY< who, at the age of 25, became head coach at the University of San Diego and the youngest college coach in the U.S. at that time? Bernard T. "Bernie" Bickerstaff, Sr.
Born in Louisville, KY, playing a few games as a walk-on, then withdrawing from the team, who was the first African American to play basketball for the University of Kentucky in 1969? Daryl Bishop
Born in Louisville, KY, who went on to become an assistant basketball coach at LSU in 1976, the first African American basketball coach hired full-time at the school? Ronald L. Abernathy
Born in Princeton, KY, what Western Kentucky University standout was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1968 and ended his career with the Portland Trail Blazers in 1976? Gregory D. Smith
Carl Lewis won how many gold medals in the 1984 Summer Olympics? Four
In 1926 the Soul Stirrers were the first gospel quartet to add a second lead to solo over the usual four-part harmony. In 1950 what singer joined this group? Sam Cooke
In 1953, Ralph Ellison received the National Book Award for what book? Invisible Man
In 1969, who founded the Dance Theater of Harlem, the first professional all-black classical ballet company? Arthur Mitchell
In 1972 Kathleen Battle made her professional debut as an opera singer at the Spoleto Festival in what country? Italy
In what year did Marian Anderson debut as the first Black American singer at the Metropolitan Opera? 1955
Joshua Johnson made his living in the early 1800s with what profession? Portrait painter
Kunta Kinte was one of the characters in what Alex Haley book? Roots
Miles Davis was a trumpeter of cool jazz, modal jazz, and jazz rock. He served as a bandleader for how many classic quintets in his career? 2
Nominated for a National Book Award, what is Maya Angelou's first autobiography? I know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Noted sports editor Edward Clayton was the first editor of what popular magazine? Jet
Playwright August Wilson had two Broadway plays run at the same time. Name them. Joe Turner's Come and Gone and Fences
Porgy was a black musical play that had its debut in 1927. It became a film in 1959 entitled Porgy and Bess and had an all-star black cast. Name two of the actors/actresses that performed in this film? Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Sammy Davis, Jr., Brock Peters, Diahann Carroll, Ivan Dixon, Clarence Muse
Published in 1771, what book brought Phillis Wheatley wide acclaim? Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral
Published in 1982, Alice Walker's novel the Color Purple became a monumental bestseller and won what coveted awards? Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award
Robb Armstrong is the creator of what cartoon strip which features the trials and tribulations of Joe and Marcy? Jump Start
Cheyney University in Pennsylvania was funded by a will from what Philadelphia Quaker in 1832? Richard Humphreys
Created by John H. Johnson in 1943, what publication similar in form to Reader's Digest was later replaced by Black World? Negro Digest
Created by Rodney J. Reynolds in 1994, this magazine that focuses on black history and culture? American Legacy
Dr. Louis C. Roudanez founded this first daily black newspaper in 1864. Name it. New Orleans Tribune
During the first two-thirds of the seventeenth century what two countries dominated the African slave trade? Holland and Portugal
Ed Bradley was a member of what news team? 60 Minutes
Elaine Farris became the first African American school superintendent in Kentucky in 1004 over what school district? Shelby County
Established in 1881, what college holds the distinction of being America's oldest historically black college for women? Spelman College
Established in 1945, this publisher of Ebony and Jet Magazines is the world's largest black-owned publishing company. Name it. Johnson Publishing Company
Fisk University was established in Nashville, Tennessee as a liberal arts institution in what year? 1865
How many historically black colleges and universities are there today in the United States? 105
In 1865, Fisk University was founded in what city? Nashville, Tennessee
In 1904 the Daytona Normal and Industrial School in Daytona Beach, Florida was founded by whom? Mary McLeod Bethune
In 1924, Mahalia Jackson began a weekly radio program. On what radio network was the show aired? CBS
In 1975, who became the first African American to own and operate a television station in the United States, WGPR-TV in Detroit, MI? William Venoid Banks
In 1981 Pam Johnson became the first black woman to control which mainstream daily publication? Ithaca Journal
In 1991, what became the first black-controlled company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange? BET
In 1993, what 13-year old from Sturgis, KY, became the first African American student to win the Kentucky Education Association President's Spelling Bee in Frankfort, KY? Josh Brown
In the agricultural field some former slaves were sharecroppers. What was meant by this term? A tenant farmer would give his share of crops to the landlord as rent
In the late 19th century, what Hopkinsville businessman was known as "The Richest Negro in the South?" Peter Postel (or Postell),Sr.
In what state is Tuskegee Institute located? Alabama
In what year did the U.S. Supreme Court order school integration? 1955
In what year were the post-Civil War colleges Clark, Claflin, Dillard, and Tougaloo founded? 1869
Josh Brown correctly spelled what word in 1993 to become the first African American to win the Kentucky Education Association President's Spelling Bee? jodhpurs
Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, originially named Ashmun Institute in honor of the first governor of Liberia, was founded by a pastor of what church in 1854? A Presbyterian church
Made to what is now Alcorn State University, the first land grant for a black college was made in 1871 in what city? Lorman, Mississippi
Name at least two black 1980s television show producers. Bill Cosby, Tim Reid, Debbie Allen, Quincy Jones, and Kennan Ivory Wayans
Eartha Kitt played what role in the Batman series? Cat Woman
Evelyn King received gold records for her songs Shame (1978) and I Don't Know If It's Right (1979). What was the artist's nickname? Champagne
Harry Belafonte became the first black to receive an Emmy for what show in 1959? Tonight with Belafonte
Herbie Hancock began studying piano at age seven and performed with what orchestra in a young people's concert? Chicago Symphony Orchestra
How many black artists were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987? 12
In 1941, what jazz piece performed by Duke Ellington and his orchestra became an instant hit? Take the A Train
In 1943, in what film did pianist Fats Waller perform and stormy Weather portray Lena Horne singing the title song? Ain"t Misbehavin"
In 1972, Cicely Tyson was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in what film? Sounder
In 2001, for what film did Denzel Washington beome the second African American man to win an Academy Award for Best Actor? Training Day
In his role in the movie Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Sidney Poitier practiced what profession? Surgeon
In the 1920s the Lindy Hop was made famous at this Harlem dance venue. The Savoy Ballroom
In the mid-1970s what form of dancing where the dancer flipped and spinned developed from the Disco scene in the Bronx? Breakdancing
In what motion picture did Bill "Bo Jangles" Robinson teach Shirley Temple the famous Stair Dance? The Little Colonel
In what TV series was a character name "Buckwheat" one of the stars? The Little Rascals
In what year did Driving Miss Daisy win the Oscar for Best Picture? 1989
In what year did the cartoon strip Herb and Jamaal debut? 1989
In what year were Dinah Washington, Ruth Brown and Etta James inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 1993
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