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Health Ch. 6

Building Healthy Relationship

Relationship an emotional or social connection you have with another person or group
active listening hearing and thoughtfully responding to a person
body language a way of communicating using facial expressions, hand gestures and posture
behavior the way you act in situations
passive behavior to say or do something
aggressive behavior pushy, rude or disrespectful way to act
assertive behavior expressing your thoughts and feelings in a respectful way
personal responsibility doing your part, keeping promises, and accepting consequences of actions
empathy sharing and understanding another person's feelings
tolerance the ability to overlook differences in other and accept people
nuclear family 2 adults + child
nurturing providing care and other basic rhings that people need to grow
single-parent family one parent and at least on child
couple family 2 adults, no children
blended family 2 families combined
extended family include other family members such as aunts, cousins or grandparents
adoptive family one or more children born into other family
media TV shows, movies, music, and other forms of public communication
influence to have an impact on
role model someone you look up to, respect or admire
peer someone similar in age to you
dependability keep promises, can count on
loyalty to stick by someone
dating gong out with people you find interesting and attractive
sexual abstinence refusal to take part in sexual activity
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