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5th period crain

jerrad bieber

au revoir goodbye; until we meet again
avant-garde indicates leaders in political or intellectual fields
bête noire a person or thing especially dreaded and avoided, a stumbling block
c'est la vie thats the way things happen
carte blanche blanket permission to do as one thinks best
cause celebre an issue or incident cause widespread debate
coup de grâce finishing strike in a battle
coup d' ê tat an overthrow of government
deja vu the sense of having experience something before
fait accompli this is an accomplished fact, something that is irreversible
faux pa social Blucher or a breech of etiquette
madame married woman
mademoiselle young unmaried woman
mansieur comparable to mr.j
merci thank you
pience de resistance the featured part of a meal or showcase item
raison detr reason for being
savoir-faire the ability to say or do the right thing in every situation
tete-a-tete a private conversation between two people
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