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Capture the Flag


In what year did it say the British burned down the White House? 1814
What book was Jose' reading in the airport? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
What kind of candy did Snickerbottom have every few inches on his hat? Tootsie Rolls
What was the name of the kid Henry would babysit? Will
What did Henry order at Pickersgill Diner? A root beer float, a cheeseburger, and fries
What was the name of the waitress that Snakearm called in Pickersgill Diner? Morgan
What was the name of Sinan's dog? Hammurabi
What saying did Snickerbottom say to Anna that was incorrect in the airport? It's not over until the fat cat sings
What kind of food did Anna see Snakearm hiding behind in the candy shop in the airport? Gummy bears
What was the worlds best grandma knitting? A green sock
What kind of food did Sinan's mom think Sinan might be eating when he went missing? Pizza
What was Henry's plan to distract Snakearm? He had Jose' and Anna go to the far corner of the room and make some noise
What color did Anna call the light on her camera? Rudolph red
What did Anna pretend the hairspray bottle was? A sword or lightsaber
How many clamps made specifically for the flag were there? 150
What did Jose' pour on the conveyor belt that made Snakearm slip? Shampoo
What was the name of the golf club that Henry hit Snickerbottom's brother with? Big Bertha
What flavor of popsicle did Anna have when she was pretending to be playing hockey with a penny? Grape
What was the instrument that Sinan's parents both played? Tuba
Why did Snickerbottom tear a piece of the flag off? To frame the orchestra
Why did Anna's mom call Vincent Goosen 'Vince' the phone? He used to be in the Silver Jaguar Society
When Snickerbottom was pinning Anna to the ground, what noise did he keep hearing? Scratch, Thump
Henry said,"Just like ______ airport". What airport was he talking about? Sims airport
What did Jose use his big bag of books for other than reading? Too knock Snickerbottom over
How many treasures of American History are in the museum? 355,000
What was the officer in the museum eating? meatball sub
How and when did Henry's mom die? cancer 3 years ago
Where do Henry, Jose, and Henry live? Vermont
Where is Henry moving? Boston
Which man stayed behind in the museum to steal the flag? the bald one
What shoes were the women wearing when she went to check on the flag? black pumps with silver bows
What time was it when the bald man was halfway done with removing the clamps from the table? 12:14
What song was the bald guy whistling when he was stealing the flag? Stars and Stripes Forever
What was the name of the game console that Henry was playing? SuperGamePrism-5000
What does Jose keep in his notebook? quotes from people he admires
What was Snickerbottom wearing at the airport? brown cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat with a sky blue blue rim that had tootsie rolls stuck in it every few inches
What is Cinna-Bunny? a cinnamon bun stand in the airport
Where did Jose live before Vermont? San Francisco
How many lives does Henry get in his game? 6
What is Jose's moms full name? Maria Sanchez McGilligan
Who is Anna a descendent of? Paul Revere
Who is Jose a descendent of? Frida Khalo
Who is running against Snickerbottom for president? Betty Frumble
What is Betty's 'secret weapon' Berry Maple Oat Nut Crumble
Who in Jose, Henry, and Anna's families are part of the Silver Jaguar Society? Jose-mom Anna-mom Henry-aunt
What are Henry's aunt, Anna's mom, Jose's mom, and Snake Arm's pieces of jewelry that represent the Silver Jaguar Society? Anna's mom-necklace Jose's mom-earrings Henry's aunt-bracelet Snake Arm-ring
Where in the airport did the 3 kids eat lunch? Pickersgill Diner
How old do you have to be to be part of the Silver Jaguar Society? eighteen
What does Sinan draw in his notebook? figures of speech
How many dignitaries were on the clearance list? 4, but 5 came
Who was the Baltimore seamstress of the flag who's eyes followed you through the museum in the museum? Mary Pickersgill
Who is Snake Arm a descendant of? Mary Pickersgill
Where was the hidden card reader in the museum? above Mary Pickersgill's portrait, by the silver punch bowl
What were the two things that Brodie had to do to get to the flag? punch a code in a keypad and a retina scan
What piece from the flag was missing before it was stolen? a star that was said to have been buried with Lincoln
What is the symbol of the Silver Jaguar Society? ancient jaguar goddess
What were Anna's parents jobs? her mom was a TV news anchor and her dad was a senator
What were Jose's parents jobs? his mom was a textile scientist working to restore the flag and his dad was a meteorologist
Who was Henry in DC with? his aunt Lucinda while his dad was on his honeymoon with Bethany
Where was Henry moving and why? Boston because his dad got a job at Boston University
What did the bald man who stole the flag put in his pockets? the clamps that held the flag -- 150 of them
What kind of hat was Henry wearing? University of Vermont baseball cap
What was the name of the orchestra that was made up of musicians from all over the world? Sounds for a Small Planet
What had Jose titled his notebook of quotes? Wisdom of the World in red marker
What was the sign of the Cinna-Bunny store? a little rabbit tucked in an apron
What was the secret group called whose members were descendants of famous artists? Silver Jaguar Society
What song played on Jose's dad's cell phone when his mom called? Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
Who from the Harry Potter books did Anna say she didn't want to be? A Malfoy
What book besides Harry Potter did Jose have with him? Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
What did Anna order for lunch that Hammurabi ate? tuna melt sandwich
Where was Sinan from? Pakistan, dad from Turkey
What terminal and gate at the airport were they stuck at? B-16
Who's mom was first taken into custody as a suspect? Jose's
What is Hammurabi's toy? Mr Squeaky, a rubber clown toy
Why did they first think Snake Arm was following Snickerbottom? to assassinate him
What's the name of the infamous group of art collectors? Serpentine Princes
What song plays on Anna's dad's cell when her mom calls? Hail to the Chief
What 3 letters were the kids looking for on the luggage? BTV, for the airport in Burlington, Vermont
What did Snake Arm change into that made him look like a baggage handler? a fluorescent orange vest, he also wore big green clunky work boots
What did Sinan hide in? a tall black case against a wall
What did Anna & Jose throw to distract Snake Arm? a guitar and a set of golf clubs
What did they use to "beautify" Snake Arm? Snickerbottom's shampoo, face powder, and hairspray
How did Anna & Jose figure out that the thief was Snickerbottom? Jose recognized the clamp and Anna recognized the sound in the pocket
Where were they flying to? Burlington, Vermont
What were the kids using to play hockey at the airport? popsicle sticks and pennies
What did the baggage guy named George tell them he found once in a suitcase? a snake
What was Anna determined to find that she'd lost? her video camera
How did Anna figure out that Snake Arm was a member of the Silver Jaguar Society? She saw his ring after they knocked him over with the cart
Where did Snake Arm tell them to go to escape quickly and make it on the plane? to the ULD (unit loading device) with Henry driving
How did they prove who stole the flag? Henry had recorded Snickerbottom on his SuperGamePrism-5000
What had the thieves used to put the flag in? One of the orchestra's speaker cases
What distraction had the thieves caused when they were stealing the flag? they set a mouse loose in the case with Michelle Obama's inaugural ball gown
How long did Jose tell the reporter they'd been friends? 26 hours
What movie did they say this story was like? National Treasure
Why is the symbol a jaguar? It'a a symbol from the Mayan goddess of creativity, Ixchel, whose symbol was a jaguar
What was the one bag left on the carousel? the smelly green duffle bag
Who was Henry related to? Grace Wisher, a servant who worked with Mary Pickersgill and helped make the Star Spangled Banner
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