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10pt Miscellaneous

Random Questions Part 1

(26)How are people different from animals? God created people in his own image
(29)How did sin enter the world? Through the disobedience of Adam and Eve
(30)The account of man's first sin mentioned what two trees? The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
(33)Why did God send a flood upon the earth? Because the people were so wicked that they thought about evil all the time.
(37)What was the meaning of the first rainbow? It was God's promise that the world would never again be destroyed by a flood.
(38)After the Flood, how did the people rebel against God? By building a tower to reach heaven
(39)How did God judge the people who built the tower of Babel? By confusing their languages so they couldn't understand each other
(40)How did God test Abraham's faith when He asked him to Ur of the Chaldees? By asking Abraham to follow Him without telling him where He would lead him,
(45)Why was it wrong for Lot to live in Sodom? Because the men of Sodom were very wicked sinners
(53)What did Esau sell to Jacob? His birthright
(54)How did Jacob obtain the blessing of the firstborn son instead of Esau? By making his father, Isaac, think he was Esau
(58)What special meaning did Joseph's dreams have? He would be a great ruler someday, and his family would bow down to him.
(59) How did Jacob show his special love for Joseph? By giving him a coat of many colors
(62)What happened to Joseph when he refused to commit sin with his master's wife? He was put into prison
(64)What did Joseph say was the meaning of the king's dream? 7 good years would be followed by 7 years of famine
(67)Why did Joseph's brothers come to Egypt? To buy food
(70)Why did Moses flee from Egypt? Because it was known that he killed an Egyptian who mistreated an Israelite
(73)What promise did God make to Moses at the burning bush? That God would deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt
(74)How did God persuade Pharaoh to let the Israelites go? By sending ten plagues upon the land of Egypt
(76)What was the tenth and last plague that fell upon Egypt? The death of the firstborn
(77)What feast did God institute to commemorate the Israelites deliverance from Egypt? Passover
(78)By what miracle did Israel leave the land of Egypt? The parting of the Red Sea
(79)What happened to the Egyptians who tried to follow the Israelites through the Red Sea? They all drowned
(81)How did God change the bitter water of Marah into good water? By telling Moses to cut down a tee and throw it into the water
(82)How did God provide bread for the Israelites in the wilderness? By sending manna
(83)What miracle did God perform for Moses at Rephidim? God brought water from a rock
(84)How did Aaron and Hur help Moses gain the victory over the Amalekites? By holding up Moses' hands
(97)What did the Israelites build in which to worship God while they were in the wilderness? The Tabernacle
(98)What sin did Aaron and the people of Israel commit at Mt. Sinai? Making and worshiping the idol of the golden calf
(100)What was the main purpose of the sacrifices and offerings made by the Israelites? To make atonements for their sins
(102)Why were the 12 spies sent by Moses into Canaan? To see what kind of land it was and what kind of people lived there
(101)What did God use to lead the Israelites in the wilderness? A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night
(103)What evidence did the spies bring back to show that Canaan was a good land? They brought fruit from the land
(106)How did God prove to the children of Israel that Moses and Aaron were his chosen leaders? He caused Aaron's rod to blossom
(107)How did Moses disobey God when the water came from the rock at Meribah? He struck the rock instead of speaking to it.
(108)How did God provide healing for the Israelites when they were bitten by the snakes? He told Moses to make a bronze snake that the people could look at and be healed
(115)How did Rahab mark her house so she would be protected when Jericho was captured? By placing a scarlet cord in the window of her house.
(116)By what miracle did the children of Israel enter the Promised Land? God stopped the flow of the Jordan River during its flood stage
(118)What happened at Jericho when the children of Israel shouted at Joshua's command? The walls of Jericho fell down
(120)What miracle occurred when Joshua fought at Gibeon? The sun and moon stood still
(128)As described in Hebrews, what was the ark of the covenant? The sacred box which contained the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, the gold jar of manna, and Aaron's rod that budded
(110)Why was Moses not allowed to go into the land of Canaan? Because he disobeyed God at Meribah
Created by: Juniorbiblequiz