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Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels: Chapter 6

What crime is most serious? Treason - will be severely punished for this
How is an unsuccessful accuser punished as? Same as a traitor - fraud is punishable by death
What crime is a capital [punishable by death penalty] offense? Ingratitude [being ungrateful]
What kind of men are appointed to powerful positions? Moral men - being clever is irrelevant
What kind of person is banned from holding a governmental office position? Atheists [do not believe in God]
What did Lilliputians believe about marriage? People marry for sexual desire rather than love for children
What are parents forced to do? To maintain those offspring that they breed
At what age do they marry their children off? Age 12
Name 5 traits that students are trained in. Justice, Courage, Modesty, Religion, Patriotism
When and for how long do parents visit their children? Twice a year - one hour visit each time
How were women to be educated? To be reasonable, agreeable, and literate [able to read and write]
What 2 types got NO formal schooling? Workers and Farmers
Why was Flimnap worried about his wife? He was worried that she was physically attracted to him
How does Swift use the Lilliputian laws and customs to illustrate his view of society? He uses them to illustrate his view of a semi-utopian society [semi-perfect]
Created by: gotmo