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Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels: Chapter 3

How did the Emperor feel about Gulliver? Is pleased to see Gulliver is so friendly; he rewards him with court discussions; they want to learn from him and teach him their way of life
How do the men seeking political office demonstrate their agility? tight rope dancing; jumping over or under a stick like a limbo contest
How do the noblemen compete for office? limbo contest-crawling under or over a stick
Gulliver's handkerchief was used as what? Drill field/parade deck for practice
How did the Lilliputians move Gulliver to the capital? A pulley system pulled by a wagon/cart
List the terms of the Cooperation Pact that Gulliver agrees to. He will not leave without their permission or enter capital unauthorized; will walk only on roads; won't handle or trample Lilliputians; will carry emergency messages & fight against their enemy Belfusce; will help with heavy construction/survey empire
What will Gulliver get in exchange for keeping these terms? Enough food to feed 1,728 Lilliputians in exchange
Describe the Jumping Game. A reward for winning [symbolic for how George I would give out favors for those who helped him politically]
What did the Lilliputians try to do when Gulliver escaped? Shot arrows at him.
Describe Flimnap. Not a nice person; represents Robert Walpul
Describe Robert Walpul. Leader of Whigs ["Wigs"] in England; resigned in 1717; restored to office 4 yrs. later with Duchess of Kendall's help because she was his mistress; when he fell he landed on a cushion [she's his cushion-symbolic of landing on a soft place]
Describe Draper's Letters. They oppose a plan to debase [devalue] the Irish coinage/money
How are the articles Gulliver signed parallel to his position in England? Gulliver was not allowed to leave without permission
What was a characteristic of the Lilliputian court? You had to do something when you make a promise and follow through - demonstrated in class!
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