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English 2 vocab 1

para beside
path feeling
simul false
in not
fy make
sanct holy
kin motion
voc voice
corp body
crypt hidden
paragon a model or pattern of excellence
antipathy an acute dislike or hatred of someone or something else
insidious intending to entrap, or beguile
dissemble to give a false or misleading appearance; conceal the truth
commidify to make commercial; to turn into an article of trade or commerce
sanctimonious a show of religious devotion or piety that is normally false
kinesiology the science of the movement of the human body
vociferous extremely loud or noisy
corpulent having a large, stout body; fat
cryptic having a hidden or mysterious meaning
parcel a wrapped container
shilling a monetary unit formerly used in great britian
bustle move or cause to move energetically or busily
spendthrift someone who spends money wastefully or excessively
gilt having the deep slightly brownish color of gold
plucky marked by courage or determination in the face of difficulties or danger
incredulous not able or willing to believe; unbelieving
barrister a british lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law
unsavory morally offensive
broach bring up a topic of discussion
Created by: beeenjay