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PCOM #12

PCOM Herbs 3 - Key Characteristics

Chen Pi Promotes the flow of qi, dries dampness. (3-9g)
Hua Ju Hong Regulates the qi and expands the chest while drying dampness and transforming phlegm and reducing food stagnation. (3-6g)
Ju Hong More drying and aromatic than Chen Pi, but less effective at harmonizing the middle and regulating the ST & SP. It is used primarily for vomiting and belching, and for treating phlegm-damp coughs. (3-9g)
Qing Pi Directs downward, dredges the LV, breaks up qi stagnation and clumping, harmonizes the ST. (3-9g)
Zhi Shi Promotes the flow of qi, unblocks plugs. (3-9g)
Zhi Ke Promotes the flow of qi, unblocks plugs. (3-9g)
Fo Shou Relieves constraint, regulates the qi, transforms phlegm, harmonizes the middle (3-9g)
Da Fu Pi Directs qi downward, disperses formless qi obstruction, reduces edema. (4.5-9g)
Xiang Fu Promotes the flow of qi in the LV and ST channels, regulates menstruation, alleviates pain. (6-12g)
Mu Xiang Promotes the flow of qi, stops pain, strengthens the SP and eliminates food stagnation (3-9g)
Wu Yao Smooths the flow of qi, disperses cold, alleviates pain. (3-9g)
Chen Xiang Warms the SP and KD, directs rebellious qi downward, assists the kidneys in grasping the qi. (1-1.5g; if used in decoctions, it should be added near the end)
Tan Xiang Unblocks qi stagnation in the chest, stops pain, settles belching and nausea. (2-5g)
Mei Gui Hua Gently regulates the qi and blood, harmonizes the LV, SP and ST, regulates menstruation. (1.5-6g)
Chuan Lian Zi Cools heat, regulates the qi, stops pain. (4.5-9g)
San Qi Stops bleeding without causing blood stasis, transforms blood stasis, reduces swelling and stops pain.
Pu Huang Stops bleeding, removes blood stasis, promotes urination. (3-9g)
Di Yu Cools heat in the blood, stops bleeding, resolves toxicity, restrains and inhibits. (9-15g)
Huai Mi Cools the blood, clears heat, stops bleeding. (4.5-9g)
Ce Bai Ye Cools heat, inhibits bleeding due to blood heat, stops coughs. (6-15g)
Bai Mao Gen Cools the blood, stops bleeding, clears heat in the LU and ST, promotes urination. (9-30g)
Xian He Cao Binds and inhibits bleeding. (6-12g)
Bai Ji Restrains to stop bleeding, reduces swelling, generates flesh. (3-15g; under unusual circumstances, up to 30 g can be used. If taken orally as a powder, the dosage is 1.5-3g.)
Ai Ye Dispels cold-dampness, stops pain due to cold, stops bleeding, calms the fetus during pregnancy. (3-9g)
Chuan Xiong Invigorates the blood, promotes the movement of qi, expels wind, stops pain (especially useful for headaches).
Dan Shen Invigorates the blood, tonifies the blood, calms irritability due to blood heat (6-15g)
Ji Xue Teng Invigorates the blood, tonifies the blood, soothes the sinews and invigorates the collaterals. (9-15g)
Yan Hu Suo Invigorates the blood, strongly stops pain. (3-9g)
Yu Jin Cools the blood, breaks up stasis, promotes the movement of qi, relieves constraint. (6-12g)
Yi Mu Cao Invigorates the blood, regulates mensturation, facilitates, urination, resolves toxicity. (9-15g; large doses up to 30g)
Ze Lan Gently invigorates the blood without injuring the normal qi, promotes urination. (9-15g)
Chi Shao Invigorates the blood, transforms stasis, stops pain, cools heat in the blood.
Tao Ren Invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, moistens the Intestines, stops cough and wheezing. (4.5-9g)
Hong Hua Invigorates the blood, stops pain. (3-9g)
E Zhu Promotes the movement of blood and qi, breaks up accumulations, reduces food stagnation. (3-9g)
San Leng Breaks up stagnation of both the qi and blood, disperses food stagnation, stops pain. (3-9g)
Ru Xiang Invigorates the blood, promotes the movement of qi, stops pain, generates flesh. (3-9g)
Mo Yao Breaks up blood stasis to stop pain, reduces swelling, generates flesh. (3-9g)
Huai Niu Xi Unprepared form: breaks up blood stasis, unblocks menstruation, guides blood to descend, directs fire downward; prepared form: tonifies the LV and KD, strengthens the sinews and bones. (6-15g)
Chuan Niu Xi Invigorates the blood, unblocks the menses, expels wind, drains dampness. (4.5-9g)
Wang Bu Liu Xing Powerfully and rapidly invigorates the blood and disperses clumping and stasis. (4.5-9g)
Wu Ling Zhi Invigorates the blood, stops pain. (3-9g; Place in a separate cotton bag before decocting.)
Zhi Fu Zi Revives devastated yang qi, tonifies the fire at the gate of vitality, guides the actions of other herbs into all twelve channels, expels cold-damp painful obstruction.
Gan Jiang Warms the SP, transforms thin mucus, unblocks the channels, revives the yang. (3-9g)
Rou Gui warms and tonifies the yang, disperses cold, promotes the movement of blood (1.5-4.5g)
Wu Zhu Yu Strongly warms the middle and lower burners, stops nausea and vomiting due to cold, alleviates cold pain in the chest and abdomen. (1.5-4.5g)
Hua Jiao Warms the middle, disperses cold, stops pain, kills parasites, tonifies fire at the gate of vitality. (3-6g)
Gao Liang Jiang Warms the ST, disperses cold, stops pain, directs rebellious qi downward. (3-9g)
Ding Xiang Warms the middle, directs ST qi downward, treats hiccough, fortifies the KD yang. (1-3g)
Xiao Hui Xiang Harmonizes the middle, warms the lower burner, treats bulging disorders. (3-9g)
Bi Ba Warms the middle burner, releases constrained cold in the Intestines. (1.5-4.5g)
Hu Jiao Eliminates pathogenic cold in the ST and Intestines. (1.5-3g in decoctions; 0.5-1g in pills and powders)
Ren Shen Powerfully tonifies the primal qi of the five organs, nourishes the yin, revives from collapse, stops heavy bleeding. (3-9g. Usually cooked separately in a double boiler with the resulting liquid added to the strained decoction of other herbs in the formu
Ren Shen Lu Induces vomiting to eliminate phlegm.
Dang Shen Tonifies the middle burner, augments the SP and LU qi. (6-9g)
Tai Zi Shen Tonifies the qi and yin, but rather weakly. (9-30g)
Huang Qi Raises the yang qi, tonifies the SP and LU qi, stops sweating, facilitates urination, promotes the discharge of pus, generates flesh. (9-15g; when a high dosage is required, up to 30g can be used)
Shan Yao Tonifies the qi and yin of the LU, SP, and KD; secures the essence. (9-30g; when a large dosage is required, from 60-240g may be used)
Bai Zhu Tonifies the SP qi, dries dampness, quiets the fetus. (6-15g)
Da Zao Tonifies the qi and blood, generates fluids, harmonizes the SP, moderates the toxic effects of other herbs. (3-12 dates or 10-30g)
Gan Cao Tonifies the SP qi, moistens the LU, moderates urgency and toxicity, drains fire. (1.5-9g, or 15-30g)
Zhi Gan Cao Tonifies the SP qi, moistens the LU, moderates urgency and toxicity, drains fire. (1.5-9g, or 15-30g)
Huang Jing Tonifies the qi, nourishes the yin, augments the essence. (9-15g)
Yi Tang Tonifies the qi, moistens the fluids. (15-60g; do not cook in decoctions, but take with the strained decoction)
Shu Di Huang Tonifies the blood, enriches the yin, generates essence, augments the marrow. (9-30g)
Zhi He Shou Wu Nourishes the blood and yin, preserves the essence. (9-30g)
Dang Gui Tonifies the blood, invigorates the blood, regulates menstruation, alleviates pain. (4.5-15g)
Dang Gui Wei Strongly invigorates and harmonizes blood, disperses cold; moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels; reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh, stops pain.
Bai Shao Tonifies the LV blood, extinguishes wind, stops pain, nourishes the LV and SP yin. (6-15g)
E Jiao Tonifies LV blood, moistens LU yin, replenishes KD essence, stops bleeding. (3-9g. This is separately dissolved then added to the other decocted herbs; the directions written on the prescription are separately warmed to melt—ling dun rong hua. If decocted
Gou Qi Zi Enriches the yin of the KD and LU, nourishes the LV blood, mildly tonifies the KD yang. (6-12g)
Sang Shen Gently nourishes and cools the blood and yin. (9-15g)
Long Yan Rou Nourishes the blood, tonifies the qi, calms the spirit (9-15g)
Lu Rong Fortifies the primal yang, generates essence, augments the marrow. (1-2g taken in pill or powder form, or chased with a strained decoction)
Ge Jie Fortifies the KD yang, tonifies the LU qi, augments the essence, calms wheezing, stops coughs. (3-6g; when taken directly as a powder, 1-2g)
Dong Chong Xia Cao Gently tonifies the KD yang, augments the essence, tonifies the LU, settles coughs and wheezing, stops sweating. (3-9g)
Rou Cong Rong Tonifies the KD yang, enriches the essence and blood, moistens the Intestines. (9-21g)
Suo Yang Warms the KD yang, nourishes the LV and KD yin, strengthens the sinews to treat atrophy disorders, moistens the intestines. (5-15g)
Yin Yang Huo Tonifies the KD yang and the fire at the gate of vitality, disperses wind-dampness. (3-9g)
Ba Ji Tian Tonifies the KD yang without being overly drying, augments the essence, expels wind-dampness. (6-15g)
Hu Lu Ba Fortifies the primal yang, drives out cold and dampness from the lower burner, treats pain from cold-type bulging disorders. (4.5-9g)
Bu Gu Zhi Warmly tonifies the KDs and SP, stabilizes the essence, secures the urine, aids the KDs in grasping qi. (4.5-9g)
Yi Zhi Ren Warmly tonifies the SP and KD yang, secures the urine. (3-9g)
Xian Mao Vigorously warms the fire at the gate of vitality and the KD yang, expels cold-dampness. (3-9g)
Du Zhong Tonifies the LV and KD, strengthens the sinews and bones, quiets the fetus. (9-15g)
Xu Duan Tonifies the KDs and LV, gently invigorates the blood, calms the fetus during pregnancy. (9-18g)
Gu Sui Bu Tonifies the KD, strengthens and repairs the bones, directs floating yang downward. (9-21g)
Tu Si Zi Warms the primal yang, nourishes the yin, secures the essence, tonifies the KD, LV and SP without being cloying. (6-15g)
Zi He Che Warms the KD yang, tonifies the LU and KI qi, augments the blood and essence. (2-3g)
Bei Sha Shen Nourishes the yin, clears the LU, augments the ST, generates fluids. (9-15g)
Xi Yang Shen Tonifies both the qi and yin, cools fires from yin deficiency. (3-6g; usually cooked separately in a double boiler.)
Mai Men Dong Nourishes the yin of the ST, SP, HT, and LU, clears heat, quiets irritability. (6-15g)
Tian Men Dong Tonifies the yin of the LU and KD, generates fluids, cools heat due to yin deficiency. (6-12g)
Shi Hu Nourishes the ST yin, expels heat from deficiency. (6-12g)
Yu Zhu Enriches the LU and ST yin without being cloying, restores fluids injured by external pathogens without preventing the expulsion of those pathogens. (6-15g)
Bai He Enriches the LU yin, drains heat from the HT, stops coughs, quiets the spirit. (9-30g)
Mo Han Lian Nourishes the yin of the LV and KD, cools heat, stops bleeding, blackens the hair. (9-15g)
Nu Zhen Zi Tonifies the LV and KD yin, clears heat, brightens the eyes, blackens the hair. (9-18g)
Hei Zhi Ma Tonifies the LV and KD, augments the yin and blood, lubricates the Intestines. (9-30g)
Gui Ban Strongly tonifies the LV and KD yin, subdues the yang, strengthens the bones, unblocks the Conception vessel. (15-45g)
Bie Jia Tonifies the yin, subdues the yang, clears heat from deficiency, softens areas of hardness, disperses clumping. (9-30g)
Shan Zhu Yu Augments the LV and KI, secures the primal qi, prevents abandonment. (6-12g)
Wu Wei Zi Contains leakage of LU qi, grasps the qi, enriches the KD, stops diarrhea, nourishes the LV, quiets the spirit, generates fluids. (3-6g)
Wu Mei Preserves the LU, binds up the Intestine, stops bleeding, generates fluids, quiets intestinal parasites. (6-12g)
He Zi Directs the LU qi downward and transforms phlegm to stop coughs and benefit the throat; restrains the SP and Intestinal qi to stop chronic diarrhea. (3-9g)
Rou Dou Kou Warms the SP and ST, promotes the movement of qi, binds up the Intestines. (3-9g)
Chun Pi Dries dampness, cools heat, binds the Intestines, stops bleeding, kills parasites. (6-9g)
Chi Shi Zhi Binds to stop chronic diarrhea and uterine bleeding, generates flesh to assist healing of chronic sores, gently augments the ST qi. (9-18g)
Lian Zi Tonifies and stabilizes the SP, HT, and KD; calms the spirit. (6-15g)
Qian Shi Tonifies and restrains the SP and KD, eliminates dampness. (9-15g)
Jin Ying Zi Binds the lower burner in order to secure the essence, contains urination, halts chronic diarrhea. (6-12g in decoctions; if used alone, up to 30g)
Fu Pen Zi Augments the true yin of the KD, contains the urine, secures the essence. (6-12g)
Bai Guo Treats phlegm-heat cough and wheezing, eliminates turbid damp vaginal discharge. (4.5-9g)
Fu Xiao Mai Augments the HT qi, inhibits the HT fluids, clears heat from the pores and interstices, and thus stops spontaneous sweating and nightsweats. (15-30g)
Hai Piao Xiao Stops bleeding, secures the essence, dries dampness, reduces gastric acidity. (6-12g)
Long Gu Calms with heaviness, binds with astringency, secures the normal qi. (15-30g; should be cooked first when used in decoctions)
Long Chi Calms the spirit, cools heat, suppresses childhood convulsions. (15-30g; should be cooked first when used in decoctions)
Mu Li Secures deficiency leading to leakage and loss; softens masses or nodules due to constrained heat and phlegm, augments yin deficiency with floating yang leading to disorders in the channels of the HT, LV and KI (9-30g)
Ci Shi Sedates and calms the spirit, weighs down the yang while nourishing the true yin, improves acuity of hearing and vision. (15-30g)
Zhen Zhu Quiets the spirit, nourishes the yin, cools LV heat, calms ascendant LV yang, brightens the eyes. (0.3-1g)
Zhen Zhu Mu Cools LV heat, anchors ascendant LV yang, brightens the eyes, quiets the spirit. (15-30g; should be cooked first if used in decoctions)
Zi Shi Ying Calms the spirit, nourishes LV blood, warms the Penetrating vessel, Conception vessel and Womb. (9-15g)
Hu Po Settles and calms the spirite, unblocks blood stagnation, facilitates urination. (1.5-3g; do not decoct or calcine)
Suan Zao Ren Nourishes the HT yin and LV blood, promotes sleep, inhibits sweating. (9-15g)
Bai Zi Ren Nourishes the HT blood and yin to calm the spirit, moistens the KD and LI. (3-9g)
Yuan Zhi Transforms phlegm, opens the HT orifice, reestablishes harmonious communication between the HT and KI. (6-15g)
He Huan Pi Relieves constraint, calms the spirit, regulates the qi, invigorates the blood. (6-15g)
He Huan Hua Relieves constraint, calms the spirit, regulates the qi, invigorates the collaterals. (4.5-9g)
Ye Jiao Teng Nourishes the HT, calms the spirit, unblocks the collaterals, expels wind. (15-30g)
She Xiang Intensely aromatic to open all the orifices and awaken the spirit, stop pain, and unblock the channels and collaterals by invigorating the blood. (0.03-0.1g)
Su He Xiang Warm-opening substance, for patterns of cold closure. (0.3-1g)
Bing Pian Acrid-dispersing, aromatically mobilizing and piercing, opens the orifices and disperses fire constraint. (0.01-0.3g)
Shi Chang Pu Transforms dampness, strengthens the SP and ST, dislodges phlegm, opens the sensory orifices. (3-9g)
Niu Huang Cools heat, dedges phlegm, clears the consciousness, cools the blood, resolves toxicity. (0.2-0.5g)
Ling Yang Jiao Calms the LV, extinguishes wind, cools heat, resolves toxicity; especially indicated for extreme heat leading to stirring of internal wind. (1-3g decocted by itself for at least 2 hours; or 0.3-0.6g ground into a powder)
Gou Teng Drains LV heat, settles LV wind. (6-15g; should not be decocted for longer than 20 minutes)
Tian Ma Calms the LV with gentle nourishment, extinguishes wind. (3-9g)
Ci Ji Li Expels wind, brightens the eyes, calms ascendant LV yang, stops itching, breaks up stagnation of qi and blood. (6-15g)
Shi Jue Ming Cools LV heat, anchors LV yang, extinguishes LV wind, nourishes LV yin. (15-30g)
Di Long Drains heat, extinguishes wind, stops spasms and convulsions, calms wheezing, unblocks the collaterals, facilitates urination. (4.5-15g)
Bai Jiang Can Eliminates wind, drains heat, transforms phlegm, disperses clumping. (3-9g in decoction; 1-1.5g when powdered and swallowed)
Quan Xie Strongly extinguishes LV wind, stops spasms and pain. (2-4.5g in decoctions; 0.6-1g when powdered and swallowed)
Wu Gong Extinguishes wind; stops spasms, seizures and convulsions. (1-3g in decoctions; 0.6-1g when powdered and swallowed)
Dai Zhe Shi Relies on its heaviness to suppress and direct downward rebellious qi, while cooling LV fire. (9-30g in decoctions, crushed; 1-3g in pills and powders)
Shi Jun Zi Kills parasites, treats childhood nutritional impairment. (9-12g)
Bing Lang Expels parasites, resolves firm accumulations, facilitates urination, resolves phlegm and food stagnation, directs qi downward. (6-15g)
Da Suan Kills parasites, transforms heat and food stagnation, unblocks accumulations, promotes qi movement, expels cold-dampness. (4.5-9g)
Bai Fan Externally: restrains pathogenic dampness and resolves toxicity; internally: transforms phlegm and thin mucus. (1-3g in decoctions; 0.6-1.5g in pills and powders)
Liu Huang Externally: kills parasites, resolves toxicity, and stops itching, especially useul for scabies and tinea; internally: in prepared forms, tonifies the fire at the gate of vitality. (1-3g)
She Chuang Zi Strongly warms the KD yang, dries dampness, kills parasites, stops itching. (3-9g in decoctions)
Zhang Nao Expels wind and turbidity, stops pain, expels blood stagnation. (0.1-0.2g)
Zhu Sha Internally: clears HT fire and focuses the mind; externally: resolves toxicity; it is itself toxic. (0.1-1.5g in pills, powders, or chased with a strained, cooled decoction)
Chuan Shan Jia Invigorates the blood, unblocks menstruation, promotes lactation, eliminates sores and expels pus. (3-9g in decoctions; 1-1.5g in pills and powders)
Hu Gu Searches out wind, stops pain, strengthens the bones, settles spasms and convulsions. (3-6g in pills powders or tinctures)
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