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Pankration Voc 1-11


n.- property a woman gives to husband at marriage dowry
adj.- drowsy, sluggish lethargic
n. confusion or disorder chaos
adj.- too fancy or showy extravagant
v.- frowned grimaced
n.- complaints grievances
v.- to manage or plan manuever
adj.- very dry or thirsty parched
n.- encouragement incentive
n. queasiness feling sick or nauseous
v. passing through permeated
v.- threatening menacing
adj.- rough sounding raucous
n. the sound of a spoken language dialect
adj.- not enough meager
to spend restful time getting well convalesce- v.
having great pride, almost snotty haughty- adj.
showing great disapproval, scorn disdain- n.
something thought to be a ghost apparition- n.
causing pity rueful- adj.
pressed like dough kneaded- v.
to stumble in speech stammer- v.
to increase in speed acceleration- n.
jagged cut or tear laceration- n.
being clear clarity- n.
actually literally- adv.
a meeting (could i be in battle) encounter- n.
to get by hunting around scrounge- v.
aggressive or quarrelsome belligerent- adj.
hypnotize mesmerize- v.
confused perplexed- adj.
Created by: SproullJ