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Platelet Function

STEP Study Cards for Platelet Function

Platelets are activated by- collagen, thrombin, adp receptors (p2y1 & p2y12) expressed on platelets
Where are collagen, thrombin, and adp (p2y1&p2y12) expressed- on platelets
Platelets are also known as- thrombocytes
Platelets potentially modulate inflammatory processes by- intercepting w/ leukocytes & secreting cytokines and chemokines
What helps to reinforce the platelet plug- high concentration of myosin & actin
Normal platelet count for healthy adult- 150,000-400,000 per mm of blood
The formation of fibrin strands woven through the plug & cross-linked to form a ___ ___ - fibrin net
T or F The discovery of platelet dysfunction in a pt may not always be associated w/venous injury true
Suggested indications for platelet function testing include the following: Pt who experiences easy bruising Women experiencing a menorrhgia (heavy menstrual bleeding) - - - pre-op assessment anti-platelet therapy monitoring uremia (circulating substances impair platelet interactions w/the vessel wall) cirrhosis (thrombocytopenia, coagulopathy, & vascular abnormality)
What test was used to evaluate platelet function by making a standard incision on the forearm & measuring the time required for bleeding to stop_ bleeding time test
Why is BT being phased out of hospitals today- not sensitive or specific, doesn't reflect the risk or potential severity of a surgical bleed, rarely reproducable, easily affected by ingestion of aspirin or other meds leaves a small scar
Microprocessor controlled instrumentation & disposable test cartridges use what blood sample- whole citrated blood obtained from a single venipuncture
T or F Improved diagnostic value, PT acceptance & cost are reason enough to evaluate platelet function on new instrumentation over the use of the BT test true
What was the first analyzer commercially available in-vitro test to measure platelet function PFA-100
How much blood does the PFA-100 require 800microliters of whole citrated blood
CT means closure time
What does closure time mean the time taken to occlude the flow
What is the primary test cartridge used to id mild to severe platelet dysfunction, von Willebrand factor deficiency or the effect of aspirin the collagen-epinephrine cartridge
What does the VerifyNow Test, test for GPIIb/GPIIIa dependent aggregation aspirin effects P2y12 blockade