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In humans, what organ is considered responsible for producing T lymphocytes? Thymus
Cells that syntesize antibody are? Mature B lymphocytes
Rejection of a transplant is characteristic of which of the immune response systems? Cellular immune system
The secondary or anamnestic response causes proliferation of what antibodies? IgG
The primary response causes proliferation of what antibodies? IgM
Immunoglobulins are part of what type of immunity? Humoral
Which lymphocytes are responsible for cellulare immunity, tissue graft rejection, delayed hypersensitivity reactions and immunloogic surveillance? T lymphocytes
A low molecular-weight substance that rarely stimulates the production or antibodies, but can react with an antibody if present. Hapten
When can hapten ilicit an immune response? When attached to a carrier protein
An antigen that reacts with antibodies from within the same species. Alloantigen
An antibody produced in response to an antigen possessed by the same individual. Autoantibody
An antiboy produced in one species that reacts with an antigen from another species. Heterophile antibody
What is another name for a Heterophile antibody? xenoantibody
What immune antiboyd reacts best at 37C, resistant to treatment with sulfhydryl compounds, and often requires the addition of antihuman globulin to produce agglutination? IgG
Which of the immune antibodies is the largest, arranged in a pentamer, and cannot cross the placental barrier? IgM
Which immune antibody activates the complement cascade by way of the alternate pathway once aggregated? IgA
Which immune antibody is a reaginic antibody that binds to mast cells by the Fc portion and is associated with immediate hypersensitivity? IgE
How are the 5 classes of immunoglobulins distinguished? By their amino acids in the constant region of their heavy classes.
Which phenomenon is due to excess of antibody in relation to antigen, preventing the formation of a lattice? prozone due to antibody excess.
Which test for syphilis is primarily used for screening for the treponemal antibody; is sensitive but lacks specificity? RPR
Which laboratory test is specific and is used for a comfirmatory test when testing for the treponemal antigen? FTA-ABS
What substance is produced by the liver in inflammation, necrotic, and infectious diseases? CRP
What type of test is the ASO test? neutralization test
The antistreptolysin O present in a person with group A streptococcal infection, neutralizes the reagent streptolysin. What is the postive result going to show? No lysis of the red blood cells.
Which blood group antibody is mainly IgM, reacts best at 4C, associated with atypical pneumonia, and cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia? Anti-I
Which antigens should be tested for when assessing histocompatibility for organ transplantation, paternity testion, or for the selection of platelet and granulocyte donors? HLA antigens
What is the minimum time interval for blood donation? 8 weeks
The blood group that reacts LEAST strongly with anti-H lectin is? A1B
The blood group that reacts the strongest with anti-H lectin is? O
Which 2 antibodies are most often naturally occurring, react best at room temp., and can agglutinate cells in saline medium? anti-M and anti-N
Which blood group system antigens are primarily in the plasma and adsorbed onto red cells. Lewis
Which type of blood group cells are used for antibody screening tests? Group O, Rh-pos
Why is it important that antiglobulin serum be added immediately after washing the cells? Cell bound IgG may detach from the red cells if delayed addition.
A patient who has repeated severe nonhemolytic febrile transfusion reactions and requires transfusion of blood for oxygen-carryig capacity should be transfused with what type of blood product? Leukocyte-Poor Red Blood Cells
What test is the best and quickest way to determine acute hemolysis in a transfusion reaction? Direct antiglobulin test on the posttransfusion specimen
Which antibody is most often associated with delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions? Jka
An acute hemolytic transfusion reaction is most commonly due to? An ABO mismatch
What should be done with a donor unit that contains 37 degree C reacting antibodies? Be processed into components that contain minimal amounts of plasma.
Whole blood collected in CPDA-1 may be stored for how many days? 35 days
What is the only solution that can be added to blood or components before or during a transfusion? Normal Saline.
The temperature of a refrigerator that contains stored blood should not exceed what temperature? 6 degrees C
What is the term for average strength of binding between antigens and antibodies? Avidity
What is the term for nonspecific attachment of substances to the surfaces of insoluble particles? Adsorption
What is the term for the use of reagents to remove certain antigens from a mixture by serologic reaction? Absorption
Allergic reaction to grass pollen is an example of which type of hypersensitivity reaction? type I hypersensitivity reaction
Anaphylactic reactions that occur with in minutes and are mediated by IgE antibodies are consitered which type of hypersensitivity reaction? Type I hypersensitivity reaction
Autoimmune hemolytic anemias and thrombocytopenic purpura are caused by antibodies directed against an individual's own red cells. Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is this? Type II hypersensitivity reaction
Immune complexes are deposited in an individuals tissues in the diseases of Systemic lupus erythematosus and poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis. Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is this? Type III hypersensitivity reaction.
During TB skin reaction and contact dermatitis, sensitized T cells release lymphkines following a secondary exposure to antigen. Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is this? Type IV hypersensitivity reaction
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