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Abrahamic Religion

This man helped seven shepherdesses near the Well of Midian Moses
This man's wife was Zipporah Moses
This man's father in law was Jethro Moses
This man made water appear by striking a rock with his staff Moses
This man saw God in a burning bush Moses
This man killed an Egyptian overseer after witnessing his brutality against the Jews Moses
This man's brother was Aaron Moses
This man received the Ten Commandments from God Moses
This man warned Pharaoh of the Ten Plagues against Egypt Moses
This figure's sister was stricken with leprosy for seven days Moses
This man flung a tree into the water at Marah to make it sweet Moses
This man's arms were held up by Hur and this man's brother to help his people defeat the Amalekites Moses
Jesus responded to this man at the Last Supper by saying “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Thomas the Apostle
This man was the grandson of Alpheus Thomas the Apostle
This apostle led a ministry to India Thomas the Apostle
This man is the patron saint of architects Thomas the Apostle
This man is sometimes called "Didymus" Thomas the Apostle
This man doubted the resurrection of Jesus Thomas the Apostle
This figure creates an altar on Mount Ebal and carves the Ten Commandments into it. Joshua
This man is one of twelve spies sent to scout the land, but only he and Caleb gave a positive report Joshua
Two of this man's spies are saved by the prostitute Rahab. Joshua
This figure prays for the sun and the moon to stop in their tracks during a battle with the Amorites Joshua
This man succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites Joshua
This man conquered Jericho Joshua
The "Throne Verse" is in this text Quran
"The Cow" is one section of this text Quran
This text is divided into suras Quran
All but the ninth section of this text begins with the Bismillah Quran
This man and three of his sons were killed at the Battle of Mount Gilboa Saul
This man ordered the murder of eight-five priests of Nob Saul
This man took the concubine Ripzah Saul
This man's son Ish-Bosheth succeeded him Saul
This man summoned the Witch of Endor Saul
This man was anointed, but later rebuked, by Samuel Saul
David succeeded this man as King of Israel Saul
This is the Islamic Pillar of declaring faith in God and God alone Shahadah
This is the Islamic Pillar of ritual prayer Salat
This is the Islamic Pillar of fasting Sawm
This is the Islamic Pillar of alms-giving Zakat
This is the Islamic Pillar of traveling to Mecca Hajj
Legend states that this man travelled up the Dnieper river to establish the future location of Kiev St. Andrew
This man was executed on the order of Aegeas in Patrae St. Andrew
This man was crucified on an X-shaped cross St. Andrew
This man was the brother of St. Peter St. Andrew
Pope Paul VI sent relics of this saint to Greece in 1964 St. Andrew
In John 6, verse 9, this figure asks how five barley loaves and two fishes could feed five thousand people St. Andrew
This book is the subject of the Moralia, by St. Gregory Book of Job
People in this work claim twice that “the ear tastes arguments like the palate tastes food.” Book of Job
This book features Elihu’s speech after Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar Book of Job
Pope Paul VI reiterated this doctrine in Mysterium fidei Transubstantiation
The Lutheran doctrine of the Sacramental Union and is an alternatives this doctrine Transubstantion
The Anglican doctrine of the Real Presence is an alternative to this doctrine Transubstantion
This doctrine was first declared at the Fourth Lateran Council Transubstantiation
This doctrine was defined by the Council of Trent Transubstantiation
This figure's brothers included Jabal and Jabel Noah
Tubal-Cain was a brother of this man Noah
This man cursed his grandson Canaan after Caanan's father had seen this figure drunk and naked Noah
This man was the father of Shem, Ham, and Japeth Noah
This man survived the flood in the Bible Noah
This sect's school in Edessa was closed by imperial edict Nestorianism
This sect was condemned by one council for denying the title of Theotokos, or God-Bearer, for the Virgin Mary Nestorianism
The Indian portion of this sect was known as the Christians of St. Thomas Nestorianism
This sect is sometimes called the Assyrian Church and the Church of the East Nestorianism
Members of this sect who reunited with the Roman church in 1551 were called Chaldeans Nestorianism
This sect was condemned at the councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon Nestorianism
In a work attributed to Joseph of Arimathea, this figure is the only witness to the assumption of Mary. Thomas the Apostle
This figure urged Jesus' disciples to visit Lazarus so that “we might die with him.” Thomas the Apostle
This man escaped from Gundafor's prison Thomas the Apostle
This is the term for Islamic Law Sharia
Theodore Beza was a disciple of this man John Calvin
At the Synod of Dordtrecht this man's views were attacked by the Dutch theologian Arminius John Calvin
This man's theology was based on the “Five Points" John Calvin
"Institutes of the Christian Religion" John Calvin
John Knox carried this man's teachings to Scotland to establish Presbyterianism John Calvin
This movement was opposed by a group whose name literally means those who oppose Hasidic Jews
This movement was founded on the two principles of religious panentheism and Devekus Hasidic Jews
This movement's sects are organized into dynasties Hasidic Jews
According to legend, this man's life was taken five years early to prevent him from seeing his evil grandson Abraham
This man twice presented his wife as his sister Abraham
This man was buried in a cave purchased from Ephron Abraham
This man built an altar at Sechem Abraham
This man's first son was Ishmael Abraham
This man's second son was Isaac Abraham
This is Ishmael's mother Hagar
This is Isaac's mother Sarah
This man had a child with his servant Hagar Abraham
This man nearly sacrificed his son on Mount Moriah Abraham
One section of this book sees the title character place a circle of ash around a temple to priests for eating the sacrifices to Bel Book of Daniel
This book tells of a dream in which a metallic statue has faulty feet Book of Daniel
This book features Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Book of Daniel
Belshazzar's Feast occurs in this book Book of Daniel
The title character of this book is throne into a lion's den Book of Daniel
The phrase, "Through a glass, darkly" originates from this book First Corinthians
This book features the killing of the prophet Balaam Book of Numbers
In this book, a war with the Midianites results in their destruction Book of Numbers
This book includes a section in which a bronze snake known as Nehushtan is constructed Book of Numbers
In this book, the Levites are given command of the Tabernacle Book of Numbers
In this book, Miriam is punished for speaking out against Moses Book of Numbers
This book opens with a census to discover how many men are able to serve in the military Book of Numbers
This holiday takes place on the twenty-fifth day of Kislev Hanukkah
This holiday commemorates the successful rebellion against Antiochus IV by the sons of Mattathias Hanukkah
Participants in this holiday gamble by spinning a dreidel Hanukkah
This holiday celebrates an oil lamp in the Second Temple miraculously lasting eight days Hanukkah
This holiday involves lighting the menorah Hanukkah
This text is composed of the Mishnah and the Gemara Talmud
This is the written compendium of the Oral Torah Mishnah
This text is an elucidation of the Mishnah Gemara
Created by: Lee Holden