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Medieval Europe

European History (479-1453)

This group lost the Battle of Lake Peipus Teutonic Knights
This group lost the Battle of Grundwald Teutonic Knights
This ruler called the Second Council of Constantinople Justinian I
This man was a general alongside Belisarius for Justinian I Narses
Prince Lazar lost to Murad I at this battle Battle of Kosovo
This battle is also known as the Battle of the Field of Blackbirds Battle of Kosovo
This man was the victorious commander at the Battle of Lake Peipus Alexander Nevsky
This cit was founded by the brother of Schek, Khorgv, and Lybid Kiev
The "Tale of Bygone Years" discusses this city Kiev
Most of this city was destroyed by Batu Khan Kiev
This people's first empire was established by Asparukh Bulgarians
Boris I introduced Christianity to these people Bulgarians
This kingdom was first ruled by the Premyslid Dynasty Bohemia
Ashot I was king of this country from 884 to 890 Armenia
This man founded the Ottoman Empire Osman I
Victorious commander at the Battle of Taginae Narses
The Secret History of Procopius deals with the rule of this emperor Justinian I
This dynasty ruled Poland and Lithuania from 1386 to 1572 Jagiellon
The Nika Riots occurred during this ruler's reign Justinian I
This event was put down by Narses and Belisarius Nika Riots
This ruler gained his nickname after blinding 99 out of 100 prisoners in one eye Basil II "the Bulgar-slayer"
Basil the Bolgar Slayer fought this Bulgarian Tsar Samuel I
This 1071 Seljuk victory catalyzed the downfall of the Byzantines Battle of Manzikert
This empress was the wife of Justinian I Theodora
The Bagratid family ruled this country from 884 to 1045 Armenia
Arpad led these people Magyars
Thomas Erpingham was a commander at this battle Battle of Agincourt
Charles D'Albret led the French at this battle Battle of Agincourt
The Treaty of Troyes followed this battle Battle of Agincourt
This treaty followed the Battle of Agincourt Treaty of Troyes
This battle was fought on St. Crispin's Day Battle of Agincourt
The baggage train of one side was raided during this battle Battle of Agincourt
Created by: Lee Holden