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Castle in the Attic


Why is Mrs. Phillips returning home? She is homesick.
Where is Mrs. Phillips from? She is from Stow-on-the-Wold, England.
Where did Mrs. Phillips get the castle? She got it from her dad.
Who is the author? Elizabeth Winthrop
What does Sir Simon give William to look at? One of the Janus tokens
What magical powers does the token have that Sir Simon has? To shrink living things.
What does William do to Mrs. Phillips so that she does not leave for England? He shrunk her so she would stay.
What is the first thing William shrank? He shrank small sow bugs that Sir Simon then ate.
What trick is William having a hard time mastering for the gymnastics meet? The Arabian dive roll.
What is William's gymnastics coach's name? His name is Robert.
What happens to time when living things are shrunk? If they wanted to be shrunk, no time passes, it is the same time when they return as when they left.
What did Sir Simon do to the sow bugs that William shrunk? He ate them. He also ate mice.
What is on the token and how is each side different? The god Janus is on each side. One side Janus has a frown and two staffs, but the other side he has a happy face and two keys.
What do you do to shrink a living thing? You point the token with the 2 staffs on it at it and say "Janus".
What does Alstor want from Sir Simon? He wants the other half of the Janus token.
What is the secret sign that William does to warn Sir Simon that someone other than him is coming up into the attic. William does three knocks on the wall.
Where does Sir Simon hide when William brings a friend? He hides in the stable.
What two things nearly lead William off the path in the forest? A light for the way out and a stream for a drink
What did William do to congratulate himself after making it through the forest? He did a couple of summersaults and a front handspring.
What did William get for the old man? He got the man a big apple.
How did William defeat the dragon? He looked in the dragon's eyes and stabbed his dagger into the dragon's right thigh.
What job did Alstor have for William? He was a fool/court jester/acrobat.
Who does William meet at the end of the woods? He meets Tulliver.
Who is William's guard? His name is Brian.
Does William return to his normal size first or Mrs. Phillips? Mrs. Phillips goes first.
What was Alstor's gallery? His gallery was all the people that he turned to lead.
Who was Alstor? An evil wizard that killed Sir Simon's father, Lord Aquila, and took over his kingdom.
Who was Calendar? Calendar was a nurse for Sir Simon.
How does William make the lead people come alive? He touches them on the cheek.
What happened after William turned Alstor to lead? There was a huge feast to celebrate.
What does Mrs Phillips say she will do with the token and Alastor's statue? She will drop them in the Atlantic ocean on her way back to England.
How does Alstor turn people to lead? He points the lead token and says "Saturn".
Why does William get the other half of the coin? He agrees to help Sir Simon get his kingdom back.
What happened to Sir Simon in the woods? He runs off to chase a image of his old horse, Moonlight.
What is William's full name? William Edward Lawrence
What is Mrs. Phillips first name? Elinore
How long had Mrs Phillips been William's nanny? 10 years
What is William's best friend's name and what distinguishing feature does he have? Jason and he wears thick glasses
What is William's mom's name and occupation? Anne Lawrence, a pediatrician and member of the school board
What is Mrs Phillip's brother's name? Richard
What is the Silver Knight's real name? Sir Simon of Hargrave, son of Lord Aquila
What is the name of the man by the apple tree? Dick
Who is Tolliver? The boy outside the forest, Dick's son, Calendar's grandson
What is Mrs. Phillip's husband's name? Alfred, he died in World War II.
What does William's father give him as an early birthday/Mrs. Phillip's is leaving gift? A wok (stir fry pan), 2 chopsticks, and a Chinese cookbook
What is William and his dad's favorite meal? Waffles and an omelet with green peppers and Tobasco sauce
Why is Sir Simon called the "Silver Knight'? Because he rode a silver horse named Moonlight
Where did William have to stab the dragon? in his right thigh
What did William see in the mirror? Himself walking toward himself with Mrs Phillips in his heart
What did Alastor see in the mirror? A locust
What did Alastor have the medallions on? A red ribbon necklace
The lead disk has the marking of Saturn. What is Saturn the god of? Death and decay
Who owned the cat that was turned into the dragon? Calendar
What are the two things that Mrs Phillips really cares about and wants to be buried with? a picture of her late husband and a pearl circle pin that her mother gave her
Where did William hide Mrs Phillips two treasures? in the shoebox that held his rock collection
What did Mrs Phillips read to William for years? King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
What qualities did Mrs Phillips say William had that earned him the castle? a gentle soul and chivalry like a knight
What is the metal grating just beyond the wooden doors of the castle called? a portcullis
Where in the castle are the weapons stored? in the armory
Where in the castle are the dishes done? in the scullery
Where in the castle are the cold food items kept? in the buttery
What is the room called up high in the great hall where the entertainment would be? Minstrel's Gallery
What is the walkway called that goes around the top of the castle and connects the 4 towers? Allure
What does Mrs Phillips like on her toast? Marmite
On which street, city, and state does William live? Riveredge Lane, Southbrook, New York
What did William sleep with? Bear
What is on the Silver Knight's shield/coat of arms? a lion and a cross
What did William's mom tell him every day? Be careful riding home on your bike
What did Mrs Phillips hate to do at mealtime? Get up from the table
Janus guards the gates of Heaven and looks both ways. Which Janus token makes things change from small to normal size? The one with Janus looking happy that has two keys on it
What did William's father make for the castle? A Platform for the drawbridge to rest on and a moat
What time was Mrs Phillip's bus? 4:30
What did Mrs Phillips have in her suitcase that William had made for her? A green wooden box that he'd made in woodworking class
What 4 things did William do to try to make Mrs Phillips happy after he shrunk her? brought her crumbs of toast with Marmite, hot tea, red velvet curtains, and English postage stamps for her walls
What were three unfinished projects that William's dad had started? a treehouse, a dog kennel, and bookshelves in the cellar
What hung on the walls of the Great Hall? fine tapestries
What was Mrs Phillips wearing when William first saw her in the castle? a long blue robe (surcoat) and a brown tunic
How did Mrs Phillips change William's gymnastics routine? from a Round-Off, Two Back Handsprings, Arabian dive roll to a Round-off, Two Back Handsprings, Arabian forward somersault (front flip)
In the poem, what three things needed to happen for the adventure to begin? Mrs Phillips with a needle and thread, Silver Knight with a sword, and William, the Squire, to cross the drawbridge
Where did the Silver Knight and William each sleep the night before they left the castle? Simon in the chapel and William on straw by the fire in Mrs Phillip's room
What season was it when William and the knight left the castle? summer
How did William quiet the noises in the forest? He played his recorder
What stopped William from biting the apple after he climbed the tree? Two birds swooped and chirped at him
Besides not biting the apple, what else did the old man tell William he could not do? Look down as he climbed up the tree
What three things did the apple tree man give to William to eat after he was changed? bread, cheese, and dark cider
What song did William play on his recorder as he approached the dragon? The Battle Hymn of the Republic
What three scenes did William see while looking in the dragon's eyes? himself in a volcano, a burning house with people in it, Mrs Phillip's on fire
What did William tell Alastor his name was? Muggins, the name of a clown he'd seen in a circus
How did the Silver Knight get out of the forest? He found and followed a real stream
What color pennant/flag was on Alastor's castle before his defeat? after? black then silver
What two Chinese meals did William and his dad make or plan to make? Beef with Broccoli and Chicken with Cashews
How did Sir Simon get the first Janus token? He grabbed it from Alastor as he was being changed to lead.



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