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Vocab words to study for IT.

Crowdsourcing a problem-solving model in which a task ordinarily performed by one person is outsourced to a large group or community in order to obtain and analyze large amounts of data
Collective intelligence the ability of a group to to exhibit a greater degree of intelligence by solving problems collaboratively compared to the intelligence of an individual member
Ajax a programming methodology that uses a number of existing technologies together and enables Web applications to make incremental updates to the user interface without the need to reload the browser page
Wiki A website that’s full of information that may or may not be true & also can be edited.
Folksonomy practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags and categorize content
Web feed Updated information on that website
RSS feed site summary
Podcasts digitals on the internet for downloading to a media player, computer, phone , etc
Semantic web web data that is contextualized with the addition of machine-readable data
Mashup web pages that include content and scripts from multiple web sites to create new applications
Social networking A network of social interactions and personal relations. (Facebook & Twitter)
Instant messaging messages sent quickly from one computer to another
Text messaging (SMS) communicating between mobile devices
Blog personal thoughts posted on a public website
Convergence the integration of telephony and data technologies
Voice over IP a method and group of technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions
Created by: IntroToIT