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US history

european exploration of north and south america

reason number 1 curiosity
reason number 2 religion
reason number 3 wealth
reason number 4 fame
reason number 5 national pride
reason number 6 foreign trade goods
reason number 7 faster, cheaper trade routes
worlds best kept secret north and south america-1492
1215 Marco Polo discovered land route to asia,india,and japan.
indies asia and india
1492 Christopher columbas seeks water route to asia,india,and japan
Columian exchangeeurope---->america livestockfruitdiseases
americas---->europe veggiesflowersturkeyquininetobacco
Spanish colonization 5 ways -used force-gold,glory,god-interaction with incas,aztec, took by force trickery and fear-convert to catholic or die-if not spanish or catholic they die-almost wiped out aztecs and incas-focus was to claim territory to help them
French colonization 4 ways -respectful ofnative cultures-establishing bever pelt fur-seeking a northeast passage through north america-christianize indians peacefully-learned to be conservationists-became so much one with the indians a new culture group was produced
Mercantilism an economic sytem that describes how europeans enriched their treasures
African diaspora forced removal of african's by europeans to the americas
triangular trades the name given to a trading route with three stops
Middle passage The voyage of the slave ships from africa to the americas. the middle leg.
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