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xSkills test 2

second xSkills vocab.

Imposing Large, impresive, and appearing to be important.
Architecture Buildings and other human-made structures.
Clutch Holding on to something tightly.
Constellation A group of stars that forms a shape or pattern.
Widespread Happening in many places or to a great number of people.
Task a job or chore
Proclaim To make a public pronouncement
Continent One of the seven large landmasses of the earth.
Monument Something that is made to remember a happening.
Form The way words are arranged into lines and stanzas (groups of lines... like a paragraph is to an essay.
Rhyme A pattern of rhyming words at the ends of lines.
Imagery Descriptive details that appeal to the readers senses.
Repetition Repeating words or phrases.
Alliteration repeated initial consonant sounds ex. tiny tan tins
Metaphor A comparison of 2 things that are different but have some qualities in common. Unlike a simile a metaphor does not have like or as Ex. it's raining cats and dogs outside.
Simile A way of describing something by comparing it to something else, using the words like or as. ex. This pillow is as light as a feather.
Personification the act of personal-ifiying to make it personal
Created by: 16lkelly