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While performing password recovery on a Cisco router, within how many seconds of power up do you need to press the Break key to put the router into ROMMON mode? 60 seconds
Which 2 sets of pins are looped on an RJ-45 T1 loopback plug? 1&4, and 2&5
Which 2 sets of pins are looped on an RJ45 56K loopback plug? 1&7, and 2&8
Which command can be used to diagnose a network connectivity problem? Ping
What is the default speed of a Cisco device console port 9600
Which command can be used to obtain serial numbers for router network modules? show module
Which router series have a Services PerformanceEngine pre-installed? 3900 series
Which memory is used during password recovery procedures to boot a Cisco router? ROM
Which port types can be used in large chassis Switch ethernet modules? GBIC, SFP, RJ45
Which Catalyst Series switches are fixed interface switches? 2960,3560,3750
What information does the "show interface" command display? encapsulation type, layer 2&3 address
Which type of memory stores the saved IOS image for a Cisco device? Flash
Which IOS commands merge the saved configuration to the running configuration? copy tftp run, copy start run
Which commands initiates copying the running configuration of a Cisco device to a TFTP server? copy running-config tftp
Which command indicates the amount of memory in a Cisco device? show version
What is the command to enter priviledged EXEC mode from user EXEC mode? enable
What do you type at the device prompt to get a list of all available commands presented. ?, or Help
Which two CLI modes do allow the running configuration to be viewed? Global config, Privileged EXEC
When referring to the name 1000BaseT, what does the T stand for? twisted pair
Which two of the following statements is true about a router? divides network into separate broadcast domains, chooses the best route for your data to travel
What are 3 components of a LAN conenction? Router, hub, switch
Which layer of the OSI model defines how data is formatted for transmission and how access to the physical media is controlled? Data link layer
What is the speed of a T1 line? 1.544 Mbps
Which two pairs are used in a 100BaseT ethernet cable? 1&2, 3&6
What is true about a Supervisor Engine Module on a large chassis switch? The switch cannot function with the Supervisor Engine Module, and orange active LED means the supervisor engine is in standby mode.
Which command exits the global interface configuration mode to privileged EXEC mode on a Cisco device? end, or CTRL Z
Where does the Power On Self Test and bootstrap code reside in a router? ROM
Which config is the active configuration of the router or switch at a given time? running-config
What command can be used to verify the configuration register setting? show version
User EXEC mode prompt Router>
Privileged EXEC mode Router#
Global Configuration Mode Router(config)#
Interface config mode Router(config-if)$
What is used to logically separate wireless LANS? Service set identifier
What must be on the same channel as the access point connected to the wired LAN? wireless repeater.
What is a telephone interface which supplies power, provides dial tone, and generates ringing voltage? FXS
What resides on High Density Voice Network Modules and combine WAN interface card and voice interface card functionality? VWICS
What tools can be used be used to configure a router or switch through a dial up connection for remote administration? rolled RJ45 console cable, DB9-RJ45 adapter, DB25 to RJ45 adapter
What type of Ethernet cable is used between a router and PC? UTP crossover cable
What type of Ethernet cable is used between a switch and a PC? UTP straight thru
What information is shown in the show ip interface brief command output? interface type and number, status,layer 3 ip address.
What are 2 ways to access the Windows Firewall settings on XP SP2 or 3? Start, CP, Windows firewall and Start,Run, cmd, Firewall.cpl
What transmission mode has a high potential for collisions? Half duplex
What happens if you change the configuration register to 0x2142 then reset the router? Router will boot from Flash memory without loading the startup config
What type of cable should be used for the Cisco device console port connection? RJ45 rollover cable
From a Windows command prompt, which command displays the local IP address? ipconfig
Which physcal layer standards use optical fiber for Gigabit Ethernet? 1000 Base-LX, 1000 Base SX
What separates the service providers equipment from the customer's wiring and equipment? demarcation point
Devices that put data on the service providers network are called? data circuit-terminating equipment
The first three octets (24bit) of the class C IP address are used for? Network ID
Layer 2 MAC addresses have no _? hierarchial structure
What can be used to separate networks by breaking the network into multiple LAN segments called IP subnets? Router
What 3 LEDs are Port Mode LEDs on a fixed interface switch? Port status,Port speed, Port duplex
What network module must be installed to make a Catalyst 6500 series switch function? Supervisor Engine module
What is the port speed when the color of the port speed LED is solid green? 100 Mbps
What type of cable is used from a Switch to a Hub? RJ45 crossover
What type of cable is used from a Router to a PC? RJ45 crossover
What is the default value of the configuration register? 0x2102
What must the boot field on the router be set to for the router to enter ROMMON mode automatically? 0
What is the command to enter privilege EXEC mode from the user EXEC mode? enable
What is the wiring configuration of an UTP crossover cable? pin 1 crosses to 3, and pin 2 crosses to 6
What is used for console port configuration? line con 0
The running-config file can be found in which memory? RAM
Routers operate at what layer of the OSI model? 3
Switches divide a network into separate _? Collision domains
What are two functions of a hub Repeater, amplifier
Category 5e UTP cables can transmit data at speeds up to 1000Mbps
True or false - the more twists a UTP cable has, the better category of the cable. True
When using Hyperterminal over a TCP/IP netowrk uses what protocl Telnet
What protocol provides terminal like access to a remote computer? Telnet
What problem would cause fa 0/0 is up, line protocol is down? encapsulation type mismatch
Which layer of the OSI model provides routing function? Network layer
What devices might be used to connect a router to the point of presence of the service provider? Cable modem, dsl modem, CSU/DSU
Which Cisco IOS command is used to enter the vty line configuration to enable telnet access? line vty 0 4
What is a high performance WAN protocol that operates at the physical and data link layers of the OSI model? Frame Relay
What can provide diagnostic functions such as loopback testing? CSU/DSU
Frame Relay relays packets at which layer of th e OSI model? 2
The IP address /26 has what subnet mask?
How many wires are needed for a PC to successfully send data to another PC using an Ethernet lan cable using RJ45 connectors? 4
Which topology uses a central device for point to point connections? star
What two layers of the OSI model do the TCP/IP protocols operate at? network, and transport
What is the high order bit patten for a Class B network? 10xxxxxx
How many layers are in the OSI model? 7
What command can be used to load a new version of Cisco IOS software onto a router? copy tftp flash
What is unicast traffic? data traffic that is sent to one device
What is a layer of the OSI model, but not the TCP/IP protocol stack? presentation layer
What protocol routes between different autonomous systems? EGP
How many TCP segments flow between two computers to establish a TCP connection? 3
What is the high order bit of a Class A network? 01xxxxxx
Which layer of the OSI model provides translation of data? presentation
What approach eliminates loops when multiple switches are implemented in a network? spanning tree protocol
RIP and OSPF are what type of protocols? Routing
How many frames can pass through a 24 port hub simultaneously, without causing a collision? 1
During path selection - what 3 metrics may be used by routing protocols? Delay, hop count, bandwidth
How many frames can pass through a 24 port switch simultaneously, without causing a colision and with full duplex used on all ports? 24
How many twisted pairs of wire are typically used in a leased line between two routers? 4 pair
What kind of physical interface does a router use to connect to a WAN link? serial
What term describes how many bits per second the service provider commits to pass over a single PVC? CIR
Ethernet Wires 1,2,3,6
Ethernet Crossover 1&3,2&6
T1 Crossover 1&4,2&5
T1 Wires 1,2,4,5
56K 1,2,7,8
56K loopback 1&7,2&8
OSI Level 1 Physical
OSI Level 2 Data Link
OSI Level 3 Network
OSI Level 4 Transport
OSI Level 5 Session
OSI Level 6 Presentation
OSI Level 7 Application
Transmits bits from 1 computer to another. Defines how cable is attached to the network and what transmission technique is used OSI Level 1 - Physical
Creates logical structure package for data. After sending a frame it waits for acknowledgement. OSI Level 2 - Data link
Handles routing of data, adresses messages, translates logical names and addresses into physical. Also determines the route from source to destination. OSI Level 3 - Network
Handles error recognition and recovery. It ensures complete data transfer. OSI Level 4 - Transport
Allows applications on different computers to establish, use, and end a connection. Regulates which computer transmits, and when and how long it transmits. OSI Level 5 - Session
Part of OS that converts incoming and outgoing data from one form to another. Also manages encryption and compression. OSI Level 6 - Presentation
Represents the services that directly support applications such as software for file transfers, database access, email, and network games. OSI Level 7 - Application
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